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Birmingham Free Radio Breakfast Crew Visit

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Posted: 13/08/2015 16:18
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As regular readers of our blog will know, we do, on occasion, get rather strange things happen here at Armourgeddon. Remember the flying Banana Cake? Or the box of plastic bags?

Well, it does mean that when we get strange requests on the phone we usually just go with it and agree!!

Tuesday was no exception when we got a call from Birmingham radio station Free Radio’s breakfast crew, Foxy and Guiliano. It would seem that Guiliano has been taken rather a lot of grief of late for his choice in somewhat retro mobile phone handset. Guiliano’s Nokia was one of the first touch screen smart phones to come out- long before Apple took over the world one iPhone at a time, even before Blackberry were considered cutting edge!!

Guiliano’s claim is that his beloved Nokia, Rocky, is indestructible. It simply cannot be destroyed and therefore shall be his phone long after iPhones go the way of Blackberry… As If!!!

It would seem that Guiliano’s long-suffering Nokia in the past week or so has survived being pelted with a whole watermelon, being thrown into a cement mixer, has been run over by a Peugeot 107 as well as being thrown off the top of a building.

Foxy wondered if we didn’t mind him and Guiliano popping over to Armourgeddon and running over the Nokia with a tank. Well, why not!

So on Wednesday morning, Foxy, Guiliano and their team arrived on site here at Southfields Farm, Nokia in tow.

With Big G at the controls, the phone was placed on the track and driven over by a 17-tonnes FV432 tank. G was convinced that he would be the one to destroy the Nokia. The screen was already cracked so in his mind it was merely a matter of time. In gear, full throttle, off we go!

Operation smash complete and Big G turned off the tank, dismounted and went to review the damage. The phone was a pancake, the screen was a crisscross of cracks, but did it survive?

Out came the cheesiest line we have heard in a long time…

‘How do you turn a phone on?’ 
‘You tickle it…’ boom boom….

But yes, amazingly, the Nokia, pancaked as it was, did turn on and was able to make a call.

Sorry, Foxy, Guiliano’s Rocky-the-Nokia survived being run over by a tank. Not sure any iPhone would do that!!!

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