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Bucket List - Learn to drive a tank!

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Posted: 30/03/2021 00:00
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Fed up with Lockdown? Then create a bucket list of all the things you'd like to do in 2021 ! We suggest LEARN TO DRIVE A TANK as position one on any bucket list! Read this week's blog to find out more. 

After everything you have been through this past 12 months you deserve to to treat yourself,or others around you to a Covid secure day out in 2021.  The events of the past 12 months makes you realise life really is for living and making the most of opportunities!!  Before being released from this latest lockdown how about creating a list of fun that sees you sliding sideways into next Christmas with a daft smile on your face?

Top of the list? Why not make that;

  1. Learn to Drive a Tank!

Brilliant! We can help with that!

Our world-renowned, unique, Tank Paintball Driving experience based at Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, gives you the chance to learn to control an FV432 tank around our ex-World War II bombing ground, which we have turned into two tank tracks. After you have mastered the controls – and the mud, loving heading full pelt into a dip, bouncing your crew around in their turret seats, and keeping the acceleration to come back up the other side, it’s time to drive in battle conditions.

With the lid closed, your view is through the telescope above your head. Driving with a screen just 10cm wide and 5cm tall gives a very different perspective on the world! Judging distance over the rugged terrain of our track takes a bit of practice, but our FV432s have seen much worse and will keep you upright.

Your instructor will guide you through the controls and advise on the line to take around the track. They have seen a real variety of drivers so don’t worry about your nerves, everyone had to drive for the first time once, and believe me, your instructor will have had someone in the tank worse than you!

If you have opted to have passengers join you in your tank, they may not be quite as complimentary about your driving…especially if they are the children you once taught to drive on the road!! Passengers are able to join you in your experience for a small fee. Although they will not get to drive, they will get to move about the back of the tank, heading up into the turret positions and sitting on the benches at the back of the vehicles as you head around the track.

After each member of your crew has driven and become accustomed to the controls of your tank, it’s off for some shooting practice. Parked up opposite a disused tank and a huge bullseye target, your instructor will explain how to manoeuvre the canon into position, to charge and load and then to fire the giant paintballs. What is easy for some is impossible for others. What will be your strength? Will you be a driver? Will you be the quick-handed charge and loader with precision and attention to detail? Or will you have an eye for the target and be the sharpest shot on the track?

Back at HQ over a cup of coffee, it’s time to decide on the battle plan. Your instructor will suggest which of your 3-man crew is best suited to each position in the tank, but really, it’s up to you; one to drive, one to aim and one to fire. Once decided, it’s back to the tank for a battle against one of the other crews.

Heading to the far side of the track, each tank will take up their starting position. From there, it’s a race to position one, for your fire crew to aim, load and fire their first cannon at the enemy tank. With one point for each direct hit, although speed is important, precision and timing are of equal focus. A second paintball is shot at the same position before the shout through the tank to ‘GO GO GO!’ and it’s on to position two. Getting into position first provides an advantage, as you are able to shoot at the enemy tank as they arrive at the checkpoint and start to ready themselves for their shots. If you can shoot and be gone before they are ready, their chances of a direct hit on you are significantly reduced.

With 6 checkpoints in the battle, 12 shots will be fired at your enemy tank in total. The winning crew is the one with the highest number of direct hits. The instructors, however, are very much focused on their season score so will certainly be very supportive and excited by direct hits!! The instructor league is a heavily guarded secret until the end of the season, but you might be able to tease some information out of yours!

So, dump the boring resolutions and try a bucket list instead! The National Trust suggest a brilliant list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ here; https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/50-things-to-do which is great fun for any age. We are starting a revolution to create a bucket list with DRIVE A TANK at the very top! 

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