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Corporate Away Day Activities at Armourgeddon

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Posted: 17/03/2016 12:42
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Corporate days are becoming more and more popular. Our regular groups tell us we are the best Corporate activity day that that have ever been to. Quite some accolade and one we are proud to repeat. Looking for a corporate away day? You have found the right place! 

With the likes of Caterpillar, Facebook, Google, Nandos and more locally Welcomm Communications and Ground Control ARB fast becoming regular visitors to Armourgeddon, we are seeing a significant increase in the volume of corporate bookings this season. Perhaps an indicator of the continued optimism in the economy with its improved stability or potentially employers realising the need to thank those loyal employees who have stuck by them through the years of less-than-inflation pay rises- or no pay rises at all.

Looking initially at team development, team building exercises are important not simply for the euphoric feeling of the immediate experience, the ‘Thank You’ that the action of taking your team out for the day shows ten times over what an email saying ‘thanks’ could do. Team building is also an exceptional way to get a team working together, for group skills, communication, bonding and of course a healthy serving of inter-team competition!

Many corporations see the benefits of team building as so fundamental to success that budgets are built into their standard training budgets at the start of every year. We have a wide range of corporate companies who use us over and over, booking year after year, or multiple times for different teams within the same year. We know, therefore, that our corporate days work on many levels- one of the best forms of feedback we can get is people booking to come again!

We find that the principle advantages of a day of team building here at Armourgeddon are finding and recognising a groups' qualities and (personal as well as professional) development opportunities, enhancing a teams capacity to problem solve and work together which in turn to enhances productivity, to bring down boundaries that then permits freer discussion which provides clearer objective and target setting once back at work. We additionally find that individuals emerge as leaders that senior managers didn't know could lead. Of course, simply the most important part of what we do; team building allows a team to have fun and create memories together.

Our corporate activities are designed to motivate your teams and pool their talents to perform individually at their best, leading to team victory. The team members discover that diversity is their best asset as well as learning to trust one another to do their part of the job- and not let one another down. The activities encourage individual development (and success) but also pull a team together for a common cause. Upbeat, highly-charged team experiences here at Armourgeddon mean that everyone feels empowered, that they have shown each other- and themselves, what they are capable of, as well as having a brilliant day of fun… and maybe some mud!

The most popular corporate activity we run is the world famous Tank Paintball Battle. Every member of the team starts as an equal (unless of course they drive tanks in their spare time…), learns to maneuver the tanks, aim the cannon, charge and load the breech and to shoot giant paintballs out of their tank at the opponents.

We often find that organisers like to link this activity with archery or air riffle shooting. Some groups also look to have an afternoon of traditional paintball- although not the most popular activity with some of the members of teams or when the weather is more ‘British’ than ‘Mediterranean’! That said, Ground Control from Gilmorton who came for their third visit to us last week with over 40 people had a simply tremendous day of paintball getting through a huge amount of paintballs and leaving saying it was the best day out they had ever had. They tweeted: We took our managers to @ArmourgeddonUK, after they attended a contract-training day! #workhardplayharder #warface  

Armourgeddon is situated in beautiful rural countryside, an hour on the train from central London, less than an hour from Birmingham, Cambridge, Sheffield or Nottingham, we are ideally located for an all-in-one-day trip and with the city of Leicester 30 minutes away or towns with all the entertainment a team may need for a night out 15 minutes away. There are numerous accommodation choices very close by for every budget and requirement. Pretty much located at the central point of England, Armourgeddon is not just the best fun you can have in a field with your team, but it’s convenient too.

We can organise refreshments to suit your needs from bacon sandwiches on arrival and hot lunches to cold or finger buffets, pack lunches or just cake in the afternoon. We have spaces you can utilise for seminar, breakout groups or even presentations. Just give us a call and we can work through the needs of your group.

It’s time to cut back to basics, helps groups to break down political barriers, put aside personal differences, take away distractions- emails, computers, phone and Facebook, and simply have some fun.

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