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Corporate Away Days at Armourgeddon

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Posted: 28/06/2017 16:09
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Taking a new look at Corporate Away Days and Corporate Days out in the East Midlands, is it time to plan a fun day out with your team? Time to forget the strategy and the targets for the day and focus on having a laugh and celebrating success? Then we have the perfect day out planned for you. Just give us a call and we will sort you the best Corporate Day Out ever! 

Away days from the office have taken on many guises over the years. In the first instance, the away day was often a full-on strategy and planning day away from the office where the team were locked in a room, a different room to their usual room, to plan, strategise or discuss an issue until an outcome was formed and a document created.

Luckily, soon enough, astute bosses realised that this could be achieved in the regular office, in the room that was free for them to use and in the time available for the employees to actually do their work. Soon, then, the corporate away day started to look a bit different. Activity based days started to appear; anything from raft building to Melton Mowbray pie making, painting pottery to walking the 3-peaks and everything in between.

The corporate away day became more synonymous with the definition that it is an effective way to help your team relax together and recharge batteries after heavy lifting business projects or an extended period of high intensity work. They became a great way to reward the team for their work on a successful project or for specific goal achievement, budget beating sales activities or any other sort of target based achievement.

Basically, and thank goodness, they became FUN! Granted, that means that the trackable return on investment is reduced. Yes, you are spending money on your team with the likelihood that the only change to their behaviour will be an increase in smiles, loyalty, teamwork and storytelling and none of that is entirely tangible in terms of profitability. BUT and it’s a pretty huge BUT, giving a bit back to your team after a hard project is completed, a deadline achieved or they have just worked flippin’ hard for an extended period, will, we guarantee, pay dividends back in loyalty and continued hard work. Also, building a team and enabling them to have fun together will increase productivity and have them support each other far more. No more down time when team members are on holiday. No more days lost when people are back from a summer break to over 1000 emails. A team working together, supporting one another, having FUN and wanting to hit their targets to win the next ‘day out’ will pay dividends.

Does the Corporate Away Day therefore need a re-name? Have yourself a fun day? Fun Day Out? Team Fun Day? Name it what you will, it’s about having fun with your team, building a bond and doing something that everyone will enjoy.

That’s where we come in! So many away days involve activities that are divisive. Setting the sporty against the non-sporty or making some feel daft when others feel comfortable having to crack the code and escape the room. For a day out at Armourgeddon, everyone starts on a level playing field. Your team don’t even have to have a driving licence. We can pretty much guarantee that no one will have tried shooting paint-filled ping pong balls from a massive cannon in the gunner’s position of a WWII tank before. We can be pretty sure that none of the team has manoeuvred 7 tonnes of FV432 around a track managing the controls of a tracked vehicle. Or if they have, unless they spent a number of years in the army as a tank driver, they wont be a whole lot more able than anyone else. We have all the kit you need to stay warm and we even have some pairs of wellies for those who turn up without, so there is no need for anyone to purchase anything to come along.

What to Expect from Tank Paintball Battles

When you arrive for a corporate FUN day at Armourgeddon, you will be greeted by one of the team, disclaimers signed and you will be kitted out in overalls and a suitably sized helmet. You will then be assigned to a tank leader in teams of three and set off to meet your tank.

All of our FV432s are named with Tank Art adorning their sides. Once you have received the obligatory health and safety briefing, it’s into the tank. One at a time you will learn to manage the controls and head around the track. The track at Armourgeddon is an old WWII bombing range on a working farm. The cows and sheep always get out the way though… Bella the Labrador puppy, however, is a bit more of a live-wire!

When it’s not your turn to drive, you will be up in the turret watching from a bird’s eye view as your teammate hits the throttle and gets to grips with the controls. Next up, some static target practice. The three of you will learn to charge and load the cannon, aim and shoot at static targets in the middle of the track. OK, so some prior shooting experience at this point may give some people a small advantage when aiming the cannon and having a GB shooting team Olympian in your ranks may be advantageous, but I would imagine, unlikely! Once the practice is over, it’s back to base for a cup of tea and some strategic planning! There are three distinct positions in the tank when heading into battle; driver, loader and gunner. After deciding who will take each seat, it’s off into battle. Pitching up against another tank, there are 6 positions along a course through the centre of the tank track each with a marker. The driver will manoeuvre the tank to position one. Once in position, the cannon can be charged and loaded and the gunner can then shoot at the enemy tank. A direct splat of the paintball is one point. Win or lose, one point per shot. The drive and shoot action is repeated with two shots taken at each of the six positions. The winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the battle. Glory for the winners, ridicule for the losing team- especially, we find, if that’s one of the Directors!

If you need even more action, we can combine a tank battle with any number of other activities on site; military vehicle driving, air riffle shooting, archery, clay pigeon shooting, a trip into our 60+ strong military vehicle museum. If you want to combine the FUN with some strategy planning, or discussion, we can provide you working space in one of our hangers. We have outside caterers who can provide you with breakfast when you arrive, lunch in the middle of the day or an afternoon tea. We are close to a number of large towns; Market Harborough, Lutterworth, Rubgy and cities; Leicester or Birmingham for a great night out with plenty of accommodation options, and close enough to most of the main rail and road networks to mean a day-out-in-a-day is feasible too.

What’s not to love! We look forward to helping you plan your next Corporate Away Day… or better named, Team Fun Day. 

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