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Facebook, Google and A stray Tiger

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Posted: 13/07/2016 15:44
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Corporate Events, Team Away Days and Company Outings have been a real hit this year with many companies returning again and again with different departments. With events available from as few as 6 people and up to 200, give us a call to start planning your made-to-measure event. 

This year we have had a real mixture of Corporate Events at Armourgeddon. We get groups coming from the same company month after month or the same company returning a year after a visit to re-live the experience.


This month we have had two visits from Facebook teams and one from Google. Both of these companies visit on a fairly regular occasion. We are particularly proud when groups return to us, or tell other departments about us so that they can visit too. The guys from Facebook are here almost as regularly as we are!

As with most of the Corporate Events, these groups are visiting us for Team Building: something we are well set up for here at Armourgeddon.  With an area available for a meeting if necessary, and plenty of wide-open space about as far away from the structure of an office as you can imagine, team members with even the strongest magnetic force to their desk will love it here.

We can cater for most needs- except for any complex audio-visual requirements…. Those we cannot do, but tables, picnic benches and even tarpaulin for the floor to hold and business parts of the day, we can. That said, if you are bringing your team for a team building day, or as a massive THANK YOU for continued hard work, good performance, beating budget or generally being a bunch of good eggs, we may suggest that you leave all the work in the office, cut lose and embrace the mud.

With catering options to suit most budgets; from coffee and bacon rolls on arrival to a full hot lunch service or tea and cakes in the afternoon, we can keep your team fed and happy. After the end of your activity, you are welcome to bring along a beer or some Champagne to share with your teams. We are not licensed on site so this is about the only thing we can’t sort for you! Note, however, no drink driving- and that includes the tanks!

So why do Facebook and Google keep coming back? And what of the stray tiger?? We would hope that somewhere in the funky head offices of Google and Facebook, there is a chart showing all the different departments who have visited for their Corporate Day Out, with number of direct hits, number of static targets hit and feedback on each of the tanks they have driven, leader board highlighted in bold and discussed on the agenda of each of their monthly board meetings. What we think is more likely, however, is that each department just had a great time, loved the tanks, the mud and shooting mini canons at other members of their team from the safety of a WWII battle tank! We are yet to see Facebook post a selfie from Armourgeddon on their own page though… Watch this space!

And the stray tiger? Nope, we are not referring to Flaviu, the Eurasian lynx who escaped from Dartmoor Zoo last week, by digging a hole in the wall of his enclosure and squeezing out… we mean the actual Tigers. Far scarier to find on a dark night! After their summer visit to traditional Paintball last year, the Leicester Tigers, legendary local rugby team, will be heading back to Armourgeddon this year for a re match! Not quite the body build to hide easily behind the trees in our paintball woods, this year, over sized overalls are on order well in advance for these man-giants in preparation for their summer outing. More on them after their visit.

If you are looking for the ultimate corporate event location, slap bang in the middle of the UK, just 10 minutes from junction 21 of the M1, 25 minutes from Leicester, 40 minutes from Northampton and less than an hour to Birmingham, Nottingham or Derby, or a little under an hour on the train from central London to nearby Market Harborough then look no further. Guaranteed laughs from even the least fun-loving member of your team!

For more information, or made-to-measure event quotations for your Corporate Event or Team Away Day, contact our events team on events@armourgeddon.co.uk or call 01858 880 239. 


Facebook Corproate Away Day at Armourgeddon


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