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Military Vehicle Driving Postal Voucher - 3 Vehicles


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For the ultimate thrill and a taste of what it may have been like to drive the military vehicles of a number of different national armies, the Military Vehicle Driving experience is the one for you. Chose from either a 2-vehicle experience or a 3-vehicle experience, decide which vehicles you want to drive and take to the track for this adrenaline packed experience.

Your choice of vehicles comes from:

Ex Military DAF Lorry

The backbone of the British Army. The vehicle is powered by a Leyland 313 turbocharged water-cooled four-stroke diesel engine coupled to a five-speed all-synchromesh manual gearbox and two-speed transfer case. There is permanent (4 × 4) drive. Ever wanted to know how it feels to drive a truck? Here’s your chance!

BV 206 Hagglund

The vehicle that can literally go anywhere! Used by Her Majesty’s Special Forces, the Hagglund is quite a remarkable ride and really comes into its own on our tracks here at Armourgeddon.

Ex Military Fire Tender

Ever dreamed of driving a fire engine? Well now's your chance to get behind the wheel and drive this Ex Military fire tender around the track. Driving from the central seat, this vehicle challenges your instincts when maneuvering. You'll be left wondering how they drive them on the roads!


The stalwart of our fleet here at Armourgeddon, the FV432 is an armoured personnel carrier mounted with a 40mm air cannon. Most commonly used in the transportation of infantry in the battlefield, the FV432 gives you a real taste of tracked vehicle maneuverings.

Military Land Rover

A classic military vehicle which was used for a variety of tasks in the army. Get behind the wheel of this vehicle as you discover it's capabilities on an off road course.

Make your choice of vehicle in advance or on the day.

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