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Stag Weekend Midlands

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Posted: 27/03/2018 12:42
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Planning a Stag Weekend in the Midlands? We have the best Stag Weekend Activities in the East Midlands here at Armougeddon. We can help with the organisation, the preparation and even the catering. Looking to become the hero of the group for creating the most fun on a stag weekend? You are in the right place. 

You have been asked to be the best man at your mate’s wedding! Lucky you! Plenty to organise, plenty of people to get to agree dates and get money off, all those passport details to sort…? After the backslapping and the beer glass chinking, it’s time to get on with the most important task of the best man- The STAG WEEKEND! Also known as #HerdingCats

If you have been chosen because you are amazing at organising events, then there is no need to read on. You are in the right place. You have found the ultimate stag weekend activity in the east midlands. If not, and you have been picked because you and the groom are best mates but you have no experience in this field, then we must warn you, trying to organise a bunch of mates is not far off trying to catch an octopus with a pair of chopsticks, or herding a flock of sheep.

We are here to help! We are located in the East Midlands, with the cities of Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester a stone’s throw away. This means that none of the guys need a pass for Las Vegas for the weekend. No one needs pockets as deep as Richard Branson… or a passport! If you are a slightly older group than those looking for 5am clubs and cheesy chips on the way home, Market Harborough and Northampton are on our doorstep, both with a wide variety of accommodation and eating / drinking options available. We can help with suggestions for all aspects of your trip, can create singe activity sessions through to whole day of adrenaline filled fun. We can sort your catering during the day- arrive for brekkie or break half way for lunch and can even suggest a nearby drinking establishment or 10!

Here at Armourgeddon, we have all the boys-toys you could ever ask for in one convenient location: tanks- lots of them, guns, air rifles, quad bikes, paintball, mud, dirt tracks, military vehicles, more tanks, bayonets and a pub in spitting distance for lunch. Sound about right for your stag group?

Less than one hour from Birmingham or Coventry, 40 minutes from Northampton, 30 minutes from Leicester. Lutterworth or Market Harborough within 15 minutes, we are just 10 minutes from M1 junction 20. London by train to Market Harborough is around the hour, with a 20-minute taxi ride out to us.

Give us a call with a preferred date and we will create for you a suggested itinerary based on your budget. Traditionally our best stag parties involve a tank paintball battle in the morning, lunch here on site, brought in for you by our brilliant catering partners. There are then a choice of activities for the afternoon; from traditional woodland paintball to air rifle shooting, quad bike safari to clay pigeon shooting. Even hovercraft racing, which is totally different!

The basic rule of thumb is, that if it’s an activity that’s outside, involves guns, tanks, mud or puddles, we will do it!!

As the Best Man, your decision is final. So why wait? We can take a provisional booking from you and discuss a payment plan or options for collecting payments. We have accommodation partners we can put you in touch with and taxi, minibus and even full-size bus contacts too.

We also know how difficult it can be to get activities to suit every budget. Therefore, we can build your day into segments, so your group can opt in and out of the individual activities as their pocket dictates.

Looking for stag activities in the east midlands, stag weekend ideas midlands or stag weekends away UK then we are your solution.

Running stag weekends all year round (subject to the weather,) we can guide you as much or as little as you like. We can provide dress up for your stag to humiliate him if that’s the direction your planning is taking you and can cater for just about every size, age and ability. Our only caveat for tank driving is that you are over 16 years of age, less than 6ft 4inches and under 22 stone. No driving licence is required nor any previous tank driving experience!

Tank Paintball Battles will pitch your stag group in crews of 3 (ish! Depending on the number of stags in your group) and as long as your group is bigger than 3, you will be able to battle one another. Everyone will take turns learning to drive the tank, first of all with the hatch open, then in battle conditions. You will then each take turns loading, aiming and firing the huge canons which top the FV432s, shooting massive paintballs at static targets. Once you have completed your training, it’s into a battle. Two tanks will pitch against one another, putting the skills you have learned into practice. With the best of 12, a point for a direct hit, bragging rights are given to the highest scoring team. The instructors are a competitive bunch so expect them to be as excited as you are with a high scoring battle!

So, if you have a stag party to arrange in the Midlands, give us a call on 01858 880239 and we can get you sorted. Stag weekend activities in the Midlands have never been better! Don’t take our word for it though, take a look at our Trip Advisor ratings or our Testimonials to read some of the comments previous stag groups. We hope to hear from you soon! And good luck with the speech!


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