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The Armourgeddon Museum

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Posted: 08/07/2016 16:36
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A great day out at the Armourgeddon Museum with plenty of exhibits including a Bell 47 Helicopter and an M4 Sherman tank. 

The main attraction, and reason why you should come to Armourgeddon is the fun filled, wild adventure of the Tank Paintball Battles. With a tank driving experience you will never forget, there are lots of other activities to suit your adventure needs; including the air rifle shooting, quad safari and clay pigeon shooting, there is something for everyone. However the magnificent and historical museum is well worth the visit. Not only does it hold a military collection which includes exhibits ranging from a 1947 BELL 47G helicopter to a 1940's M4 105 Sherman Tank. The museum will take you back years and walk you through some of the greatest tanks and vehicles in military warfare. On weekends throughout the year, you will also gain entry to the spectator area where you will be able to see some of the vehicles being put to the test.Tanks at the museum at armourgeddon

The spectacular M4 105 Sherman Tank is just one piece in the museum that is intriguing with a wonderful history; the M4 Sherman is an American tier 5 medium tank, which was first produced in the 1941-45 by U.S Army ordnance Department. The Sherman first saw combat in North Africa in 1945. The M4 Sherman was the main battle tank used in WWII by the US military and other Western Allied countries during WWII. Not only did it serve in the early war times but also this tank has had its time in the filming spotlight. Accordingly, M4s have appeared in a number of films and television programs over the years. Fury is a World War II film released in 2014 staring Brad Pitt. The Sherman was the main tanks used in the film the M1 105 had its own special feature. Matador is a M4(105)HVSS with a T23 turret. The M4(105)HVSS doubles as Fury in scenes where the actual tank died on the set. In the 1970 action comedy Kelley’s Heroes, three M4 Sherman tanks there used. The 1980 Sam Fuller film The Big Red One and even the 1960s television series The Rat Patrol used Sherman’s as stand-ins for German armor. With lots of history and interesting background, you can see it first hand in the museum.

Another interesting piece in the Armourgeddon Museum is the 1947 BELL 47G helicopter. The Bell 47 is a single-engine two-seat light utility helicopter produced by the US-American manufacturer Bell Aircraft Corporation. The chopper was built at Bell Aircraft’s Buffalo Plant near Niagara Falls in New York State on 15th May 1947. The BELL 47G helicopter has had a lot of firsts and impressive achievements, such as; the first certified helicopter, first military helicopter trainer, first helicopter to go to war and, (once again) possibly the first helicopter to be a TV star. The BELL 47G helicopter got its nickname ‘the chopper’ as the first helicopter the blades were a new and were described as a chopper. Leaving all later helicopters that followed being called ‘choppers’.

So as you can tell there are lots of interesting reasons to go visit the Armourgeddon Museum, perhaps before or after your tank experience, or if you are interested in military vehicles then this is the place to come. The museum is open all year round so for more information about the chopper and theSherman tank, then come along. There is so much more to see in the museum including the FV 432 tanks and many other vehicles. For only £5.00 per person and under 5’s go free, come and have a look for yourself. If you visit Armourgeddon to experience tank driving or a tank paintball battle, or any other activity, then entry to the museum is free!

Tanks at the museum at armourgeddon

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