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The Armourgeddon Museum

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Posted: 22/06/2016 10:59
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The Armourgeddon Museum- a living history of the life and times of World War II with a large number of interactive displays, tanks, military vehicles, guns, military paraphernalia and so much more. Incorporating Le Café De Normandie, read on for more information before you plan your trip to visit us. 

Our museum comprises of a number of weatherproof hangers jam-packed full of military vehicles, guns, cannons and military paraphernalia. The ‘Inner Sanctum’ has a variety of pieces- often donated by visitors, which tell of the human side of WWII and a few pieces from WWI too.

The museum includes a number of tanks used in War-based movies of the last 20 years: Saving Private Ryan, Evita, Fury and many more. There is also a Bell 47 helicopter, the model of helicopter leading to the name ‘Chopper’ from the sound made by the rotor blades as they span around. We have a Sherman tank- perhaps the most sought after tank of the period, a Centurion and a Chieftan tank to name but a few.

We buy, restore and sell vintage armour and military vehicles of all designs, commissioned from WWII to the present day. Our highly trained team of restorers is made up of experienced panel beaters, paint specialists and mechanics; but most importantly, they are Military enthusiasts meaning that all of our projects are restored sympathetically.

Once restored, our tanks are either sold via our sister company, Armourgeddon Restoration, or head for display within the museum. The collection now numbers over 60 vehicles.

We are looking to create an interactive exhibit to incorporate an Anderson Shelter, trenches and an underground tunnel. This exhibit will show our visitors a taste of what life was really like during the years of war for those on the front line: where they would live, sleep and eat. We are looking for a group of children or young adults to help with this project. If you know of a group who may be interested, contact us

The hope for our Museum is that it will inspire visitors to understand a little more of life for those who died to provide us the freedom that we take for granted today. We also hope that we are a bit more exciting than a history textbook for those studying WWII at school or simply to expand their knowledge.

With news reel videos, working field telephones and Morse Code machines to play with as well as an AK47 and a rifle to pick up and hold, the museum at Armourgeddon is one of the best interactive exhibits in the UK.

The Armourgeddon museum is open year-round, but out of the tank season (May to October), it is always best to call ahead so we know to expect you and can inform you of any group bookings we may have on site when you wish to visit. Planning your visit on days when we have tanks running will allow you a further insight into these magnificent machines able to conquer the ground whatever it may be like.

We have also developed The Café De Normandie, a street scene café within the museum where you can sit and soak up the atmosphere as if in the 1940s in rural France, with a number of military vehicles parked up along the roadside setting.

What’s stopping you? Time to plan a visit to the Armourgeddon museum! 

This photo shows the actual vehicle used by Tom Hanks as shelter in the Saving Private Ryan film 

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