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The Best Stag Weekend EVER!

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Posted: 16/03/2021 00:00
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Been asked to be the Best Man? We can help with all your needs- except maybe for the Best Man's Speech. But we definitely do the best stag weekends EVER! 

You have been asked to be the best man at your mate’s wedding! You are the chosen one. We salute you.

After the backslapping and the beer glass chinking, did you sit down and think; the speech!!!! Dealing with the mother-in-law!!!! And then of course, the biggest job of them all.. The Stag Do!!!

As we are sure you already know, Organising a bunch of mates is not far off trying to catch an octopus with a pair of chopsticks, or herd a flock of sheep. Add to the organisation factor that every member of the group will have an opinion about what you should be doing for the stag weekend and the challenge is interesting as well and annoying- unless you can find some other adjectives to describe it! And no, not everyone will get a pass for a fortnight in Las Vegas!

Well, your prayers have been answered. Your Fairy Godmother has landed; your Knight in a shining tank has arrived. Errmm, well, not sure any of our tanks could be described as shining but you get the gist!

Here at Armourgeddon, we have all the boys-toys you could ever ask for in one convenient location: tanks- lots of them, guns, air rifles, quad bikes, paintball, mud, dirt tracks, military vehicles, more tanks, bayonets and a pub in spitting distance for lunch. Sound about right for your stag group?

Less than one hour from Birmingham or Coventry, 40 minutes from Northampton, 30 minutes from Leicester all of which have enough bars, restaurants and clubs to win a dance off against Magaluf. Then there are Lutterworth or Market Harborough within 15 minutes if a more sedate night out would suit your merry men.

Give us a call with a preferred date and we will create for you a suggested itinerary based on your budget. Traditionally our best stag parties involve a tank paintball battle in the morning and lunch at the pub (or we can arrange that for your on site if you’d prefer). There are then a choice of activities for the afternoon; from traditional woodland paintball to air riffle shooting, quad bike safari to clay pigeon shooting.

If it’s an activity that’s outside, involves guns, tanks, mud or puddles, we will do it!!

Why wait? Why let the groom get all wound up because you haven’t done anything yet to organise the stag do? Why wait any longer or let the committee decide? This is your party to organise and you can plan what you want!

With an extensive local knowledge, we can also help advise on accommodation and evening entertainment to suit every budget, restaurants to suit every taste and we may have sampled the odd bar or two in the vicinity as well!

As for that Best Man’s Speech, well, you’re on your own! Although we have plenty of ‘comedians’ in the instructor crew here on site that would probably love to help you with that too. As a starter for 10, here is one of our favourite Best Man Speech one-liners to get you in the mood for writing…

“I’ve been told I won’t get away with a few thank yous and a quick toast. Apparently, as Best Man, I’m supposed to sing the Groom’s praises and talk about his good qualities. Unfortunately, I can’t sing and I won’t lie.”

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