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Top Tips for Amazing Corporate Days out at Armourgeddon

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Posted: 21/09/2016 12:18
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Organising a corporate team building event and don’t know what you want to do? You are not alone! This week we explore the different reasons for having a corporate away day and some 'how-to' tips to get the very best out of your day out. 

Organising a corporate team building event and don’t know what you want to do? You are not alone! In all the years we have been running corporate events and away days, we have never heard a phrase like ‘My team are sooo easy to plan for. They all want exactly the same thing and no body ever complains…!’ Funny that!

We have a challenge for you though… find us the grumpiest team member, the biggest complainer, the person who most hates being made to spend a day away from their desk with their colleagues and we will deliver you a day of smiles…

Our corporate away days can take a variety of different guises and a short discussion with one of our booking team about your team and your budget will soon help us to suggest suitable activities for you all.

However, the first question you will need to think about is the Why. Why are you looking to run the day out? To make the most of an away day, it is essential to be clear about what you hope to achieve. No different to any other planned expenditure, there needs to be an outcome; activity filled team building, stress buster, the get-to-know-me day, the we-always-have-an-away-day-day.

Team Building

To run this type of event requires significant thought as to the mix of personalities in the group. If your group includes every personality type possible, an activity that makes some of the team shout with glee could make others want to hide in the toilet block! It is important on the day, especially as the organiser, not to read too much into people’s involvement in the event. The general mix of personality types mean that sometimes the quietest person with the deadpan look on their face all day is actually having the best day. We all know someone like that! Ideally, a day of a mixture of activities is always the best option; some outside, some inside and some thought provoking.

You should also be clear with your team as to what you are hoping to achieve. Don’t leave them to guess- or worse still, if this kind of day out is unusual for your company, leave them thinking that at the end of the day they will be receiving some massive announcement like the redundancy of 50% of the workforce or that a major restructure means they all have to re-apply for their jobs. We are a suspicious lot, so taking away any doubt at the beginning irradiates the idle chitchat that may leave your accounts administrator mute throughout the event for fear of ‘the boot’ at the end of the day.

The activity should also not be something that you as the organiser have a personal passion for. Completing a 12-mile obstacle course in November called ‘The Death Race’ may seem like fun to you, but a trip to a tea tasting extravaganza may be best suited to the majority. You may just have to get that pinky primed!

Stress Relief

If your honest purpose for the day is to get the team to relax after a particularly stressful project, you need to communicate this. It is far better to value the day as a stress-buster or Thank You than to dress it with some left-field business activity in order to justify the spend. If this is the type of day you are planning, be sure to communicate the ‘no agenda’ agenda so that they can all enjoy the day for what it is rather than feel that they cant be caught slacking! This kind of day does need to be run infrequently, though or the ‘wow’ factor would be lost with the day becoming just ‘something we do’.


Running a day where you really want to explore new opportunities for your business and get your team’s input can be hugely rewarding away from your office environment. Run well, this kind of day has a structure with a clear start- middle- end strategy as well as a fun activity at some point during the event.

We have space here at Armourgeddon within the museum that you can use for a brainstorming activity session and space for break out groups in our sign-in area and also in our Café du Normandie. Top and tail the brainstorming with tank driving in the morning and some air riffle or archery activities in the afternoon and a hot lunch which can be organised through us with one of our catering suppliers and you have the perfect day to create a new strategy to move your business forward.

Get to Know me Days

So, there are sometimes people in the teams who are lone wolves. They have no interest in getting to know anyone else, or visa versa. There are also often people who are work-and-personal-lives-never-mix. These are the kind of people you know absolutely nothing about except that they are super-good at their job. We are all very different. But if you are a team with lots of these people, an activity-based day where your team is too busy to be left standing around chatting would be your best option. Cue the multi-activity-extravaganza at Armourgeddon!

We Always Have an Away Day

Just looking for something different to do? You don’t get much different to us! We are the only place worldwide where you can tank paintball battle. And we guarantee a day to remember!

Whatever your reason, we are the ultimate corporate day out or office away day; team building, just for fun or a part of a structured corporate event.

Don’t leave your next event to chance. Leave it to us! Give us a call on 01858 880 239 and start a conversation with us. You wont regret it! 

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