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Top Tips for Corporate Away Days

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Posted: 23/03/2021 00:00
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Corporate away days- our top tips for organising an unforgettable corporate away day at Armourgeddon. Read what we can do to make your day memorable and some planning to do in advance to ensure that your day gives the results you hope for. 

Which camp do you sit in? The ‘oh brilliant, this is the one thing I enjoy organising and look forward to all year…’ or ‘OMG- Roger is scared of water, Fiona is scared of heights, Paul’s team hate George’s team so have to be kept separate, the boss always just wants to build a raft, the CFO just wants to lecture everyone and Bernard always gets drunk and breaks something- often himself… what on earth can I organise this year…??’

For many, the corporate away day is the best way to motivate the troops, or thank them for a job well done. With many years of experience in organising away days, we know what works and what doesn’t, so leave the hard work to us and bask in the glory of having organised an epic event. We can offer as much or as little support that you want in organising your day from beginning to end, you can take one of our activity days off-the-shelf or we can make it completely bespoke and tailored to your team. As long as no one has a phobia of mud, you are in the right place!

Here are a few of our top tips, though, for the initial planning of your away day.

1. Why should we have an away day? 

Why should you get everyone outside of the office for an event day? If you have a specific issue you are trying to address then what is it? Change- new team, lots of changes, new structure and line managers? Motivation- a big project has just finished, the team has been working loads of overtime, and it’s been a drought of fun? Insights- you are looking to find out more about your employees, looking to engage them in a different way, looking to mix up the teams and want to know more about strengths and weaknesses? Or, our favourite reason of all and the days that we find to be the most successful- the ‘no agenda-agenda’ where you just want to get everyone out of the office to have a day to say THANK YOU!

2. Communicate your agenda

Make sure that once you have a plan of what you want to achieve, then you tell your team what it is. If you have the no agenda approach, let them know so they will relax and embrace the day, not think they are getting assessed or going to get caught out for slacking! If it’s to help a new team to bond- tell them. A new team member may well be suspicious of the ‘nice new boss who takes us out for the day’ thinking it’s last-in-first-out and believing they will be asked to leave their phone and laptop with a handshake at the end of the day.

3. Consider the space & outside help you need

If you are including some brainstorming, management training or a spurious business activity to justify the spend, a bad tutor will do more harm than good, but a good tutor will have your team singing with joy and your notebook full of new ideas and management tools.

So, you have decided why you want to do an away day, now it’s time for us to plan it for you! Here at Armourgeddon, we have more fun activities than you could fit into a week of away days let alone a day. Our main event is Tank Paintball where your teams will learn to drive an FV432 tank, load the cannon and shoot huge paintballs at the opposition tanks, before deciding who will perform which role in the battle and heading off to the battle tracks to engage in a Tank Paintball Battle. So much fun for all- a challenge for everyone, but not so physically demanding as to alienate the non-sporty and a role for each of your team. Add that to the kudos of being the one to splat the boss’ tank first and you have the perfect team building- and laughter opportunity with bundles of stories to be told in years to come about ‘the day we shot paintballs at each other out of the tanks!’

We can also offer you clay pigeon and air rifle shooting, military vehicle driving, archery, hovercraft driving, quad bike assault course and regular paintball with opportunities for multi-activity days to fit your budget and time frames.

Any day spent with your team at Armougeddon will also include entry for everyone into our 60+ strong military vehicle collection museum where we have plenty of local and international memorabilia and collectables that will interest even the least Gung-Ho member of the team (yup, there is always one- you know who they are… and we always manage to get them to crack at least one smile by the end of the day!!)

Additionally, we are able to provide a covered area for any presentations and group work you may want to do- and plenty of outdoor space on a warm sunny day. Catering options are also plentiful from a full hog roast buffet to simple sandwiches and everything in between to feed the hungry hoards.

Based right in the heart of rural Leicestershire, we are easy to reach from any UK location and have a wide variety of accommodation options nearby from budget hotels in local market towns to 4* luxury of a theatre hotel, close enough to large towns for a great night out and the city of Leicester too.

So, the decision is not where to take your team for their away day this summer- but when and what the theme will be!

Give us a call and let us take the pressure out of your corporate away-day planning. Reading this as a member of the team? Just print and leave on your boss’ desk then hint like mad for the next fortnight about how everybody would LOVE the chance to drive a tank! Who wouldn’t??!

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