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Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Posted: 17/05/2020 00:00
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It’s nearly Father’s Day again! That date when everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their Dad which is witty, fun and something he’ll love. Of course, we think that we have the best option for Father's Day gift ideas and unique Father's Day gift ideas. Take a look at our blog to see what we can do for the Dad in your life. 

It’s nearly Father’s Day again! That date when everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their Dad which is witty, fun and something he’ll love. Most Dads have more socks and hankies than they will ever use, 3 spare pairs of slippers, more gardening equipment than Monty Don and hammers than Handy Andy- OK, so most men could always find space for just one more DIY power tool..!  But our options for Father’s Day gifts are so much better! 

Do you want to say a big old THANK YOU to your Dad this Father’s Day? Thanks for listening, thanks for the pints, thanks for not making me pay for smashing the greenhouse, thanks for having the kids overnight, thanks for being my taxi for 21 years basically a big fat thank you. Well, we have just the answer for you. 

Is your dad a car fanatic? Or interested in guns or archery? Are they military-enthusiasts? Organise a day at Armourgeddon for them and they will be delighted with the adventure once it’s booked on a date that suits them. 

There aren’t many Dads out there who wouldn’t love the idea of at least one of our activities. An experience voucher for Armourgeddon would be gratefully received by anyone with even a passing interest in tanks, engines, driving, adventures, guns and cannons, shooting stuff, noise, mud or the outdoors. We offer a unique alternative to driving experiences UK, a selection of Father’s Day presents or Father’s Day gifts to suit a variety of budgets- even the famous Hoff was bought a Father’s Day gift from his daughters for a Tank Paintball Battle at Armourgeddon! 

If your Dad has a passion for shooting, we have Archery, Air Rifle Shooting, Woodland Paintball and Clay Pigeon Shooting activities to book. 

For tanks, there are a variety of options from a tank taster experience, through various military vehicle driving experience days to our favourite activity; Tank Paintball Battles. The Armourgeddon Tank Paintball Battle is a unique experience here at Armourgeddon. We are the only location worldwide to run this activity, so not only have you come up with a brilliant Father’s Day gift idea, you’ll be pretty distinctive too! 

If it’s a Tank Paintball Battle that you buy for your Dad, then his tank instructor will, first of all, drive him around the track in his 3-man crew. From there, each of the team members will take it in turns to drive around the track here at Armourgeddon- an old WWII bombing ground, first with the hatch open, and once the controls have been mastered, the lid will be closed, and he will drive just using the periscope to view the outside world emanating battle conditions on this track circuit.

After the controls have been mastered, we will park up and engage in some static shooting practice. All 3 team members will take turns at practicing to load and prime the cannon, aim and fire the paintballs, using the static targets in the middle of the tank track to shoot at.

Once the skills of the team have all been put to the test and positions are decided, the tanks go into battle against one another. Two tanks will race to 6 separate stop-spots. At each stop, the cannon team will load, aim and fire 2 paintballs at the opposition. The winning team is the crew who makes the most direct hits out of a maximum of 12.

If the Father’s Day gift you are buying is from someone over the age of 8, then an adult and child activity is a fantastic Father’s Day gift idea that means 2 people can join in on the activity. One person learns to drive the tank whilst the other person is a passenger in the turret. If the second person is over 8 but under 16, then they will need to be the passenger. If both are over 16, you can decide who does which part of the activity. Once the driving has been completed, both participants take to the static target range and, in the same way that the team learn to load, aim and fire in Tank Paintball Battles, it’s shooting time!  

We have so many options for your Father’s Day gift ideas and for the perfect Father’s Day gift ideas East Midlands, check out the activities on our website pages or give the office a call on 01858 880239 and the team will guide you through what is required. 

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