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All go at Armourgeddon

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Posted: 20/07/2015 00:00
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A busy month as ever at Armourgeddon as the summer is in full swing meaning plenty of people visiting to drive tanks, shoot paintballs, fire guns, play Airsoft and generally have fun.

With 42 people arriving as the gates opened at 8am, the atmosphere was electric in the Armourgeddon registration zone. The day was planned to include six games across the Armourgeddon paintball wood, which is split into 7 zones: Radar, Village, Dead Zone, Missile Base, Fort, Convoy and the Bunker of Death!

The Sherman- the poster-girl of our collection here at Armourgeddon has caused heartbreak and pain over the past 10 months since blowing her engine up at The Victory Show last September. Ever the showgirl, this was after her TV appearance on Weekend Warriors- the Yesterday Channel series following people who do extreme activities at the weekend. In our episode, the programme documented ‘a crack squad of history hobbyists advance on Leicester to meticulously re-enact a key moment in the Battle for Normandy - featuring tanks and parachute jumps!’ And… blow up the engine of our Sherman. After a worldwide search, we located the perfect new engine for her. Of course, this was in Australia! So after months of awkward logistics, headaches and hours, days, maybe weeks spent on the phone, the engine arrived. Having spent just 7 hours on a test bed in 1945, it was anyone’s guess if the engine would work, but after a full check, we decided it was time, put a small amount of petrol through and (to our relief and to be honest, small amount of surprise…) she fired first time! Result! At some point in the next couple of weeks we will marry tank and engine and our girl will be back on the front line!

Without a minute to lose, our Sherman has a few castings coming up for movies planned and so like any Hollywood Actress, looking and feeling her best is of paramount importance! From there, it’s full steam ahead to The Victory Show in September where she will return to the scene of the devastation (hopefully) to be centre of attention!

Next weekend sees War and Peace Show hit the south coast. The War and Peace Revival on the 22nd to 26th July 2015 is the world’s largest military show, seeing over 4,000 vehicles and 100,000 people visit over the 5 days. The last show to be organised by Barbara Shea and Rex Cadman after their 27-year reign as planners, organisers and chiefs of this amazing military extravaganza, this year’s show is billed as the biggest yet! We are not taking any vehicles down to the show (or we would have had to have left already!) but are going to enjoy this fantastic event and with Rex and Barbara happy retirements! Of course, ever on the look out, we will be eyeing up the pieces for sale and maybe looking to add a couple of pieces to our Christmas List for Santa to drop down the chimney this year.

Featured in The Metro a week or so ago, we are not letting the fame go to our heads, but if you want to read the article, it’s on the side panel of this blog. We have not seen a smile wider than that on the face of the journalist after he got out the back of the FV432.

Last week our most loyal visitors, The Crazy Russians (actually neither Russian or Crazy…) came to Armourgeddon for their annual battle day. This was the 10th Annual Visit of the self-named 256th Wiganski Tank Regiment with Sargent Bigckstly, P Harris and Kenny Allen arriving in their usual way- 1980s style ghetto blaster playing Russian marching tunes as they hung out of the car doors heading down the track to the Tank Paintball yard. In a tightly fought battle, the result this year was the same as last at a draw 10-10 with a bit of questioning as to the result of the opposition!

With corporate groups booked every day this week and another busy weekend ahead, we are hoping for lots of happy tank-paintballers to leave Armourgeddon having had a brilliant time and maybe starting their 10 year + annual visits! Regular corporate visitors such as Caterpillar and Facebook are also booked again. Clearly the different departments are talking and all want to enjoy the day out that their colleagues are raving about!

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