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Benefits of Tank Driving Days

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Posted: 29/01/2014 14:28
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One of the things that you should make sure to experience in your life time is a tank driving day. Here you will get to have loads of fun and create memories that you will never forget.

Experience the thrill of driving a command tank. You have probably only seen the tanks in movies. Attending a tank driving day gives you the precious and rare opportunity of actually driving a command tank. You can rest assured that you will have a great time.

Team building is an important part of business growth and development. Meetings and seminars on the importance of team work tend to be extremely boring to the staff and they don’t do much in developing their working spirits. The best way to develop the spirit of team work among your staff is through corporate team building activities. There is a wide range of activities to choose and you could involve your team in picking their most preferred options. The best options on the market are paintballing and tank driving.

Tank driving - What better way of creating a sense of importance and responsibility in your staff than by making them a part of the army. Yes, the army; with the uniform, tanks and a battle field. Tank driving allows people to get in to the army zone and gain respect for the working together clause. At first, participants can drive the tanks with the hatch open where they get a clean view of the battle field. The game then proceeds to a difficult level where the hatch is closed and participants can only view their battle field through periscopes. This will force them to work together in a bid to counter the enemy successfully. The game is so real that ultimate success brings a pure sense of victory to the participants.

Tank paintballing - Paintballing is always fun even with the simple little guns and battle fields. Picture having a vast field where you can carry out your paintball battles. The cherry on the cake is that instead of little guns, you use war tanks. Participants drive the tanks around with the hatch open while shooting their visible target. It gets tougher to shoot the targets when the hatch is closed; this calls for unity in achieving the set goals.

Other corporate team building activities;

· Driving different military vehicles to get the feel of each of them.

· Woodland paintballing where participants use guns to shoot. The catch here is that it’s bare flat land that offers no obstacles for protection. You only have your feet and speed to help you run.

· Air rifle shooting where participants are given specific targets to shoot at from an enclosed safe area.

Corporate team building activities have immense benefits on a business. How?

· These activities are cantered on making the participants work together to achieve the best high results. This will instil the team work spirit in your staff from that moment on in whatever operational activities they undertake in the office.

· Team building activities help participants bond adequately. As such, they will be able to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses hence they’ll know how and when to help each other out.

· Team building involves employers and employees. This creates an amazing working relationship between them hence they will be able to achieve better results at work.

· These activities helps participants relax by taking their mind off of work. This will rejuvenate them and increase their working morale.

Note that corporate team building activities should be fun and involving. This will help staff relax and get comfortable with each other on the field and at work. Creating a conducive working environment is the aim of most businesses in order to achieve maximum productivity. These activities will do exactly that, and even more.

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