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Corporate Days

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Posted: 05/03/2015 09:51
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Are you looking for a team away day? Team building day? Recognition for a good job well done? We have such a wide variety of reasons to visit Armourgeddon, but the Corporate Day is a very popular day here at Armourgeddon. This week we would like to share some of the possibilities with you.

Working to a budget or just looking for a blow out, there are options for both style of corporate day at Armourgeddon.

We would suggest you start by heading here in the morning and having a coffee as we brief you about the day. From then, we would suggest a Tank Paintball Battle. Paintball is always on the list when it comes to corporate days, but there are no two ways about it, it hurts! And being outside in the woods, especially at this time of year is never going to be a warm activity! Well, tank paintball is somewhat different. First your team will split into groups of 3 or 4. They will each learn to drive an FV432 tank, firstly with the hatch open, and then hatch shut in battle conditions with a view just through the periscope. After each member of the team has mastered the controls, it’s over to the static shooting targets. Again, each member of the team will learn to charge, load, aim and fire the cannon atop the FV432. The cannon shoots paintballs at the targets with a very satisfactory SPLAT of paint- both to be heard and seen, when a direct hit is achieved.

After training, each team will decide who will take which role in the battle; driver, charge and load, aim and fire. Once you have picked the tank you want to battle against, you will head back to the battleground and take your enemy on head-to-head. Adrenaline pumping, you will serge forward to the first checkpoint, hopefully ahead of your opposition, charge, load, aim and FIRE! Repeat and hopefully that’s two points to your team. With one point for each direct hit, its best of 12 in the battle. Driver back in control it’s onto the next checkpoint and another two shots at your enemy. Getting to the checkpoint first is a certain advantage as you can shoot at the enemy as they are still pulling into position and get out of the way before they even have chance to load and aim. After 6 checkpoints it’s back to base to count up points and for the winning team to claim bragging rights over their opposition. Beware all Directors and Senior Management- you are bound to be the preferred target! No offence meant- right?!

Let us take care of lunch for you- just let us know if you would prefer a hot plated meal, buffet or sandwiches and we will get that ordered in advance so there is no delay to your day. Over lunch there is an opportunity to visit our on site museum with one of the largest and diverse collections of tanks, military vehicles and memorabilia in the UK. Just grab one of the instructors if you have a particular interest and they will wax-lyrical about the Bell-47, the helicopter that gave the ‘Chopper’ its name, our prized M4 Sherman Tank, star of the big screen having recently been in the Brad Pitt movie, Fury, the Opel Blitz- the very vehicle that Tom Cruise hides behind in Saving Private Ryan or the various field telephones, bayonets and cannons that fill the three hangers.

After lunch it’s a decision between actual woodland paintball- not for the faint hearted! Or something a little less bruise-inducing; clay pigeon shooting, archery, quad bike safaris, rifle shooting or driving about the tracks that make up the WWII bombing range in the variety of military vehicles we have.

Time to make a day to remember for your team? Why not start by giving us a call. We have plenty of testimonials from happy corporate day organisers that we can share with you and we can work on creating a day to suit your budget. We are less than an hour from Birmingham, 30 minutes from Leicester and just 10 minutes from the M1 junction 20. There are plenty of places to stay over if you want to extend the event and we will happily help you with local knowledge of hotels, B+Bs and bars, restaurants and pubs if you need advise.

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