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Corporate Activity Day: Super Shooters

Corporate Activity Day: Super Shooters

Corporate Package: Super Shooters

  • Activity length: approx. 7 hours
  • Includes: Woodland Paintball, Archery, Air Rifle and Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Group Size: 10 - 40

Our Corporate Super shooters day activity gives your team the opportunity to shoot to their heart’s content! The activities in this package are: Woodland Paintball, Archery, Air Rifle Shooting and Clay Pigeon Shooting. Access to our Military Museum is also included. This action packed activity day of shooting will last around 7 hours and can be run for groups from 10 to 40 people.

Activity One: Woodland Paintball

We all know what paintball is... dress up in army gear, grab a paintball marker (that's the bit that looks like a gun), run around the woods and try to avoid being shot somewhere painful!! Getting hit does smart a little, but that's soon forgotten when laughing takes over!
At Chaos Paintball, we have the natural woods to provide cover and a load of extra items to hide behind and include in the games. We will include a variety of landscapes where the object of the game changes from defending or attacking a particular point or area, capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area or guarding a hostage.

The per person charge includes all the equipment you need:

  • 500 balls
  • Semi-automatic gun
  • Unlimited gas refills
  • Full face Goggles
  • Body armour (females only)
  • Head protection
  • Padded NBC suit
Our Woodland Paintball games include; our famous Landing Craft Assault, Battle Bus, Missile Base, Bunker of Death, Speedball, Bamboo Fort, Radar and Convoy.
Your activity day will include up to 6 games.

Activity Two: Archery

For your next activity, it's on to the archery range for a spot of fixed target practice! After tuition from your instructor on stance and technique it's up to you to pip the ace.
The rest of you band of merry men are more than welcome to watch! No laughing if an arrow heads astray, though, obviously!
Each person will have 30 minutes for archery.

Activity Three: Air Rifle Shooting

Using the latest and greatest in bolt-action, pre-charged air rifles, your next activity will take you to the bunker and test your skill against an opponent from your team! Keep a steady aim as you look down the sniper scope on your rifle, making every shot count. Some of your shots will be taken on a scored target so there are opportunities for bragging rights too!
Each person will have 30 shots for this activity.

Activity Four: Clay Pigeon Shooting

This next activity will begin with full tuition on the safe use of your shot gun and a quick look down the sights at a few practice clays (or birds as the professionals call them). Then it's time to start scoring, and with the bird's getting faster and coming from different directions it gets harder as you get better.

Each person will be entitled to shoot at 25 clays.

Additional Activity information

Woodland paintball is an outside activity where paintballs are fired directly at one another. Although protective clothing is provided, a direct hit does sting and can cause bruising. This activity is more suited to a physically able and active corporate group.

To Complete your Day

Costs exclude lunch but we can offer catering options through our outside catering partners. Teas and coffees are included in the cost for all weekday bookings.

Photography of your group during your activities and for team mementoes can be arranged to suit your requirements when ordered at booking confirmation.

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