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Ever fancied driving a tank ?!

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Posted: 29/01/2015 10:07
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Ever wondered what it would be like to be in complete control of a tank? Not the little ones you played with as a kid, but a full sized, 15 tonnes FV432 tank? Well, you don’t need to imagine any longer! Here’s your chance. Book a trip to Armourgeddon and learn to control these beasts!

We have a variety of tank driving experiences to pick from here at Armourgeddon. From a tank driving taster session where you will learn how to control an FV432, how to maneuver it and move around our track- a decommissioned WWII bombing range, to a full day of driving a variety of vehicles, we have experiences to suit everyone.

We ask that drivers are over 16, but younger people as small as 8 years old can join you in the tank as a passenger on some activities.

Our most popular activity is the Armourgeddon Tank Paintball Battle. Nowhere else in the world offers this activity. You will be put into 3 man crews, given a safety briefing and then introduced to your instructor. Each instructor has his or her own tank, which is named and emblazoned, with some Tank Art, commissioned locally in Husbands Bosworth. Once inside your tank, your instructor will place you into the 3 Tank Paintball Battle positions: driver, loader and aimer. The loader and aimer sit in the gunner positions and are in charge of the 40mm cannon, which is mounted to the turret of each of the tanks.

You will take turns learning to drive your tank around the track. Each person will learn to drive with the lid open and once you have mastered your skills, the lid will be closed and you will be driving in battle conditions through the periscope only. After learning the controls, your crew will stop in front of the static targets of the track and learn to charge the cannon, load the giant paintballs, aim and shoot. Repeated numerous times to get up to speed by each of the three crew members, by the time you have completed this section of the training you will be ready and raring to go into battle.

Once training is complete, the three of you will decide who showed the best skill in each of the three positions: driver, loader and aimer. Then you will pick a battle with one of the other tanks and head back onto the range. The battle will commence when both tanks are in place at the bottom of the track marking the start of the battle line. From there it’s a race into each of the 6 positions along the battle track. As soon as you have your tank in position, yours loader will charge and load the cannon, the aimer will aim and fire. One point for a direct hit, nothing for a miss. This is repeated a second time at the first position and then your tank is free to move to the next position. The tank crew with the most direct hits is the winning team and hold victory and bragging rights over the other crew. A top score of 12 direct hits is very hard to come by, but with the instructor holding their own competition over the season, you can be sure that each of them wants to win just as much as you do!

Other options include a Military Vehicle Driving Experience where you can pick between a number of different vehicles to learn to drive, a ‘Dads and Lads’ Experience where someone drives and the other person is the passenger- but neither needs to be a Dad or a Lad! Looking for a more individual session? Then the Tank Driving Experience is the one for you. One-to-one with an instructor you will learn the controls of the FV432 tank initially driving with the lid open and then under battle conditions, through the contours of the WWII bombing range that we use as a track.

Any of our experience options will leave you feeling like a real live action man (or woman!) exhilarated and proud of your new-found skill level in driving a WWII tank: the ultimate day out for the adrenaline junkie!

But if you are looking for yet more activity, we can combine your tank driving activity with archery, air rifle or clay pigeon shooting, a quad bike safari or a hovercraft riding session. We also run regular woodland paintball and even children’s parties- with rather less focus on the driving of tanks!

Looking for a gift for someone or for a day out for yourself or your family, look no further than Armourgeddon.

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