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Fathers Day

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Posted: 29/05/2015 12:30
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So, it will soon be here- one of the three dreaded days of the year when you have to find your Dad a gift. Christmas, Birthday… Father’s Day! Look no further, we have the solution for you!

So, it will soon be here- one of the three dreaded days of the year when you have to find your Dad a gift. Christmas, Birthday… Father’s Day!

After the age of 40 they become the hardest people to buy for. I’m sure they don’t mean to be hard to buy for, it just happens! 3 pairs of slippers still sitting in the back of the cupboard waiting for the pair from 2010 to wear through, last year’s Christmas whisky and this year’s port still in the dining room and enough shower gel and body wash to last well into his 90s.

But you want to say a big THANK YOU on Father’s Day, right? Thanks for listening, thanks for the pints, thanks for not making me pay for smashing the greenhouse, thanks for having the kids over night, thanks for being my taxi for 21 years basically a big fat thanks you. And Father’s Day is perfect for that. It’s less obvious than a birthday and Christmas isn’t really about the adults, so Father’s Day is just perfect.

So, what do all Dad’s love? If I name 10 things, I would bet that 90% of Dads would find at least 3 things on the list that they like. And my 10 things are…

  • Engines
  • Tanks
  • Driving
  • Adventures
  • Guns and Cannons
  • Shooting Stuff
  • War or Military interest
  • Diesel/ Engine Oil/ Petrol/ liquids that power engines
  • Noise, mud and the outdoors
  • Spending time with YOU

We have the perfect solution to anyone who ticks any of these here at Armourgeddon and we also have an experience to fit every budget.

All you have to do is give us a call and we will talk you through the options. Does the Dad you are buying for have a Son over 8? Then try a Dads and Lads experience. Dad drives whilst his passenger laughs at his mistakes from the turret seat (this one’s not like a Yorkie bar- it’s for girls too… it’s just that Dads or Mums and Lads or Daughters isn’t quite as snappy a title!) Or a taster session at just £65 where Dad learns to drive the tank across our WWII bombing range, in control of a FV432 tank driving first with the hatch open and then in battle conditions. Or maybe our favourite activity- the Tank Paintball Battle where after learning how to drive, he practices shooting static targets before heading into battle against another tank.

Got a big extended family? Then why not get everyone together and all the Dads can have a battle for ultimate bragging rights at the next family wedding!

No longer does the buying of a Father’s Day gift need to be painful or tedious. One call, an email confirmation and we’ll even send you out a voucher to give him if you want one.

So, now you’ve got your Saturday afternoon back and don’t have to head to the shops like everyone else, you can kick back! Or… pretend you are off to the shops and sneak out for some R&R at your local!

OR… are you the Dad? Then use the buttons below to 'like' or 'share' or just copy our link and email your wife/ son/ daughter or press the print button and casually leave our blog lying about! You can also give us a call and tell us which activity you would like us to suggest to said relation if/ when they call!

So, if you are the wife/ son/ daughter who has found this blog somewhere give Tracy or Craig a call on 01858 880239 and they will guide you through what to do.

Happy Father’s Day!!

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