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Global High School does Tank Paintball

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Posted: 26/06/2014 12:40
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Last week we had a group come to us with true grit and determination. It was a long old trek to get to us, but they did it and we enjoyed having them over for the afternoon. Read more to hear all about our new pals from Global High.

Last week we had a group come to us with true grit and determination. It was a long old trek to get to us, but they did it and we enjoyed having them over for the afternoon. Read more to hear all about our new pals from Global High.

A couple of months ago we received a call from Arthur from Texas who was organising a group of students coming over to Europe as a part of their summer break. You would have thought that organising a group of young adults would mean an organised organizer of extreme organising capabilities. It would seem that we British could learn a thing or two about relaxation from our Texan cousins.

Arthur was in touch by email a couple of times over the coming weeks telling us how very excited his students were and how the thought of Tank Paintball was what was selling the trip to many of them.

They were students from Global High School in Texas, USA and Arthur told us how the school is a specialist science, physics and maths college. The mission statement of the school states that: Waxahachie Global High will develop the talents of students and foster a desire to pursue higher education by immersing them in a smaller unconventional, learning community that maximizes their talents through the integration of academics with technology in a hands-on, real world environment.’ Their vision continues; ‘Waxahachie Global High believes that students can embrace learning as a life long pursuit and become productive citizens of the local and global communities through communication and collaboration.’ If Arthur is to be believed, however…  ‘To be honest with you this was the part of the trip they are most looking forward to. Of course, London, Paris and Rome are very interesting and full of interesting sites to see but they do not come anywhere close to driving a tank and shooting paintballs from it”

So, after silence for a couple of weeks, still no time for their arrival, nor information about how they were going to get there or even how many people we should be expecting, we emailed Arthur asking if they were still coming. The day that they took off from Texas we got a ‘yes’ and that he was organising a minibus to pick them up from Wembley at 12pm. So, we were on. And we were excited to meet them all.

They landed at Heathrow and transferred to the Ibis Hotel in Wembley awaiting their minibus at 12pm. They waited and waited and eventually gave up on the bus at 2pm. Taking the tube across London to St. Pancras the crew caught a train to Market Harborough and a taxi to here in Husbands Bosworth, finally arriving at 4.30pm! That, we think, is the longest journey to get to us that we have heard of. All they needed was a boat and a submarine for a full house of modes of transport!

When they arrived, the 20 had actually become just 4- no surprise when faced with the transportation and logistical headaches that had surfaced post all night flight but they were in for a treat. With Big G and Nitro as the instructors, the crews of Hunter and Arthur with Big G, Devin and Kate with Nitro headed off to get kitted up, to listen to their the obligatory health and safety communication and into their chosen steads.

Once Nitro and Big G got chatting to the crews, it turns out that the trip was a graduation present to the students and that actually lots of them came from different schools in the area… hopefully the rest of their trip around Europe was more smooth-running than the afternoon spent at Tank Paintball!

They learnt to drive, they had their practice shooting at static targets and then it was into battle. And with some very sharp shooting the high scoring battle was 10-9 to Nitro, Devin and Kate.

SO after a disastrous start, smiling faces and happy Texans left our ranch and ‘hopefully’ made it back to Wembley to be reunited with the rest of their travel companions. Hopefully one day we will hear!! They certainly fulfilled the ‘hands-on, real-world environment’ mantra of their school mission statement on their adventures getting to and at Southfields Farm.

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