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Stag weekend - Why wait for the weekend?

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Posted: 06/08/2015 14:13
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We would like to introduce to you the soon-to-be near-legendary Weekday-Stag-Weekender with Steve and his crew trailblazing the latest invention in stag-activity-planning!

We would like to introduce to you the soon-to-be near-legendary Weekday-Stag-Weekender with Steve and his crew trailblazing the latest invention in stag-activity-planning!

Everybody is different. We all want different things from life and fill our days with different routines from one another. But this week we had something quite out of the norm… a mid week Stag Weekend!!

When asking a couple of the party members why they were at Armourgeddon for a Stag weekend on a Wednesday afternoon, the initial response was that the Stag himself couldn’t get organised for a weekend and wanted them to all take time off work!

When digging a little deeper, it turns out that the wedding is on a Tuesday! Not the usual choice of day to tie the knot either. When the Stag turns up dressed as Scooby Doo, you can tell that this is no ordinary Stag Party. However, with a number of the wedding party being musicians and music teachers, a non-weekend, school holiday Stag-Midweeker was starting to make more sense!

They did get us thinking though… why wait until the weekend?! When weekends are the only time off work, taking the weekend away with your mates is not always the most popular choice at home… especially if your mates are wrongly tarnished with the ‘bad influence’ brush. Maybe a Weekday-Stag-Weekend is a thing of the future! If the girls then get a hen ‘weekend’ in it’s traditional environment, at the weekend, you may well be in credit on the old brownie points rather than returning to the dog house when getting home exhausted and hung over after a weekend away with the boys.

Back to Scooby and his Wednesday madness… The 13-strong party appeared bright eyed and bushy tailed from the corners of the UK (ok, well, the corners of Staffordshire and Cheshire…) ready to do battle. Following some initial ribbing about the choice of outfit for the event, the stag, Steve, his best man and 2 others headed off with instructor Richard for their briefing and initial training session.  The others were split into 3-man crews, each with their own instructor. After being given the low-down on the health and safety of the activity and of the handling of an FV432, it was into positions as driver, aimer, and loader with the 4th member of the crew as a passenger in the back of the tank.

During the training laps, the crew tokk it in turns to act out each of the roles within the tank. The driving role involves getting to grips with the traditional stick-shaft driving technique of tank maneuverings. Once the driver has understood and mastered the basics of getting around the tracks of our WWI bombing range here at Armourgeddon with the driver’s hatch open, it is on to battle conditions with the hatch closed and viewing only possible through the periscope in front of the drivers position. Once everyone has mastered the controls, it’s on to the static shooting range, (once the cows have realised what is going on and have cleared out of the way!) When in position, each member of the crew takes turns as loader- this person charges the cannon with gas, positions the ‘cannonball’ (Ping-Pong balls filled with brightly coloured paint as opposed to gunpowder,) into the hatch and shouts to the aimer that they are ready. The aimer gets the target in their sight and shouts to the charger to “FIRE” which the charger duly does and bull’s-eye, a direct hit… hopefully! When everyone has had a turn at practicing both charging and aiming the cannon, it’s back to base for de-briefing and a decision on who will take which spot during the battle. The battle involves picking a fight with another tank, heading down to the bottom of the track, getting in position and then unleashing the inner soldier!

Each tank races to one of 4 positions in turn. Once in position, they charge, load, aim and fire 3 paintballs before moving onto the next position. With the emphasis on getting to a position and shooting at your enemy before they are stationary and getting away before they have time to shoot back, it is a highly charged, exciting and noisy environment inside each of the FV432s.

After each of the 4 positions have been visited and all 12 paintballs shot at the opposition, it’s time to count up the direct hits and crown one of the crews the champion.

With the excitement increasing and the banter rife, Steve and his band of merry stags headed off to top track in full kit (Scooby Doo had been banished until the evening’s activities in Watford) ready for battle.

The driving ability of all 4 crews and the speed getting to position was excellent. With Steve the Stag in prime position to take the battle win, his crew won the first round with a score of 10 to 9. Taking on the winners of the other half of the draw, Steve’s crew were thinking the win was theirs, heading into the battle full of spirit. However, they were outdone by some amazing sharp-shooting by their enemy with a stunning score of 11 out of 12 direct hits verses the Stag at 10. With the average score being 7 or 8, these were really high scoring games.

Steve and his crew headed off to the metropolis of Watford after their Tank Paintball Battle for an afternoon of golfing and a night out ahead of them. Here’s hoping they had a great night and that Steve’s Tuesday wedding in the coming weeks is a great day too. Good Luck Steve, we thoroughly enjoyed you and your crew’s visit and thank you for introducing us to the soon-to-be near-legendary Midweek-Stag-Weekender!

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