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Stags at Armourgeddon

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Posted: 05/06/2014 12:32
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Although we often reference the cows and the sheep on the farm here, the stags we refer to are the two-legged last-weekend-of-freedom type who we love to have join us here for Tank Paintball Battles. Read on for a brief background on the traditions of the stag and some insights into the shenanigans of two of the groups that joined us last weekend.

A stag party, stag night, stag do…. Also known as a bachelor party (in the States), a buck’s night (Down Under), or a maanhaar partyjie (in South Africa). Whatever it’s known as, we know they are fun!

In Germany, this event is called Junggesellenabschied. Quite a mouthful if the traditional British Stag were to try that one after about 7pm… ‘yes, we’re here in Nottingham for the weekend for my pal’s junggesellenabschied’  Also in Germany, the night before the wedding is called the Polterabend where the guests smash old porcelain to drive out evil spirits especially the spirits of envy.

In Canada, a similar event is popular in Ontario and Manitoba under various names such as Stag and Doe or Buck and Doe. In Northwestern Ontario it’s called a Shag- again, not recommended in the UK! In the USA these joint parties are called a Stag and Drag party where guests have to purchase tickets to raise money for the wedding or the honeymoon. In return, guests are offered memorabilia like an engraved cup with the couple’s names on!!

Right now we’re feeling pretty lucky that we just go out separately with our mates here in the UK! We caught up with a couple of Stag parties who came to Armourgeddon over the weekend, here for Tank Paintball Battles.

Dale Tucker and his band of smiling men- 11 of them in total were having their stag weekend in Leicester. Rob Smith, the organiser of the group chose a trip to Armourgeddon because Dale absolutely loves tanks… we have a few people around here that feel the same way! Dale had been to The Tank Museum and, according to Rob ‘Didn’t shut up about it for a week!’ ‘To actually be able to drive a tank rather than just look at it is like a dream come true!!’ and the smiles on the faces of the crews at the end of the event showed they all felt the same way.

The group was about to head into the museum here on site when we had a chat to them, although a couple of them were worried they would lose Dale for the whole evening as soon as he stepped around the corner!

The group had headed up from Basingstoke for the weekend, had been out in Leicester on the Friday night and were looking forward to ripping up the streets on a bar crawl and ending up in one of the countless late bars or clubs the city has on offer.

After describing their Tank Paintball battle as ‘Epic’ from Dale and ‘Unbelievable’ from Rob, we checked on their scores. They filled four crews between the 11 of them so two battles. Battle one scored 10 hits each and battle two, 8 hits each. Two draws! When the average for a Tank Paintball Battle is a score of 7 per tank, that’s all four crews shooting better than most. And some bragging rights for the stag and the best man in the crews who scored 10 each!

The second group of stags over the weekend was a lively bunch of lads from Glasgow who arrived having enjoyed their first night out in Nottingham. They had endured a long-but-lager-fuelled bus journey down from the Scottish party-capital on Friday, had drunk Nottingham dry by night and arrived with us with one broken hand (from a punch-bag game as opposed to anything more sinister…) and a few sore heads in tow the next morning.

The stag was looking forward to his up-coming nuptials, but was certainly enjoying his ‘last weekend of freedom!’ His wife to be, Coleen was left at home planning her hen weekend in Edinburgh, but the boys here at Armourgeddon had a big old plan to ‘take on the world… ‘Our plan is to turn left at the end of the field and we’re not stopping ‘til we hit Leicester. It’s every man for himself!’

There was a distinct split in the group with the crew nicknamed ‘Dad’s Army’ made up of fathers of the stag and friends, who were busy planning tactics whilst the rest joked about! ‘I was in the Sea Cadets so I’m all set’ claimed the Dad’s Army leader!

The group contained an Afghan war veteran within its ranks, who had served active duty in Helmand as an electrician. He was the but of many jokes as the group watched the tanks come back to base from their previous battles, but my money was on him rather than the ones whose only claim to preparation was their time spent in the Cub Scouts!

So, as the Glasgow stags headed out to their tanks, they had the whole group in one place- a better result than the previous night when they lost quite a few stragglers as they headed through Nottingham on their bar crawl organised by Chillisauce- the stag, hen and experience weekend group who gave the lads a few options of activities and organised everything for them…. Which looking at the sore heads on Saturday morning was probably just as well! So, with their matching T-shirts under their Tank Battle clothing they headed off to do battle under the mantra ‘Every Man for Himself’ but they did return in one piece and no one managed to get as far as Leicester in their FV432.

See our stag party page.

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