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Tank Driving Experience Postal Voucher


Market Price: £170.00
Our Price: £140.00
including VAT


Once you have arrived at Armourgeddon, you will be kitted out in your tank suit and given a helmet. Then it's off to the tank track where you will be introduced to your FV432.
Our Tank Driving Experience is run on a one-to-one basis. Following a safety briefing and a short background history of the FV432, it's time to get going! Initially your instructor will drive you around one of the tracks here at Armourgeddon, based on an old WWII bombing range. Then it’s over to you. You will be instructed as to how the controls of the FV432 work, given a headset to wear under your helmet and then you are off.
Your first lap is driven with the drivers hatch open so that you can become accustomed to the track and the controls. Then it's out of your comfort zone for the second lap as we lower your seat down and the hatch gets closed above you. Driving in battle conditions looking only through your periscope it’s back to the track for lap two. The third lap is of your choice; will it be hatch open or closed? One thing is for sure; you will have a newfound respect for our members of the Armed Forces.