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Tank Paintball Battle Day

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Posted: 14/04/2015 16:07
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What did you do today? Looking for a break from the daily grind? We have just the solution! Come and learn to drive a tank: great fun to be had in rural Leicestershire at the controls of a 17-ton beast. Learn to drive, load, aim and fire the tank and its cannon before taking on another tank in battle conditions. Simply the most fun to be had in a muddy field!

It’s a jam-packed day here at Armourgeddon today with crews heading out on tanks all the way through the day. A hive of activity, there are birthdays being celebrated, vouchers from Christmas, Mother’s Day and even Valentine’s Day being used.

First of all, it’s time to get fitted out. Donning our military style trousers and jackets, helmets and wellies, the crews are starting the look the part as they head to the back of their FV432 vehicles. The ground is somewhat damp underfoot today with some muddy puddles heading towards knee deep, all adding to the fun.

Once briefed on the safety features of the vehicles, the crews of 3 head into their tanks and learn how to maneuver these beasts around the track here at Armourgeddon, on the site of an old World War II bombing range.

Learning to drive a tank is great fun. The foot pedals work similarly to most motorised vehicles but the hand controls are very different. One brake handle in each hand, pull the handle towards you of the direction you wish to head. Pulling the handle effectively adds a brake to the side of the tank that the handle is aligned to. Heading out around the track for the first loop, the driver’s hatch is left open to help with sighting the track. Once the first loop is completed though it’s into battle conditions, the hatch is closed and the driver has to maneuver the track with vision just through the periscope.

Once the whole crew has mastered the controls and headed at speed over the track, it’s time for target practice! Using stationary targets to begin with, each member of the crew learns to aim the cannon, which tops the FV432, charge the gun and load the barrel. Once each member of the crew has completed and shouted their various roles, the person in the gunner’s chair will fire the oversized paintball and hopefully hit the target and not one of the cows that also share the track. Being a working farm, it would be unusual not to see at least a few cows and sheep on a visit to Armourgeddon. The cows are not phased by the tanks though and will eventually get out of the way of the flying paintballs!

After the target practice is completed, it’s time to head back to base and make a decision as to who will take which role within the battle. The roles are driver, loader who charges and loads the cannon and the gunner who aims and shoots. All sounds pretty straight forward, right? Well, not when you add in that the battle is against another tank and that the other tank will also be moving around the track. There are 4 positions that you need to drive to, 3 shots to be taken in each position, best of 12 wins. With a new league as we head into the new season for the instructors too, it’s all to play for and you can be sure that your instructor will want you to do the very best that your crew can for their own bragging rights come the end of the day.

Today it looks like the teams in our newly named ‘Jane’ are in the lead with some pretty sharp shooting so far, but with the track as muddy as it is, anything could happen. What you can guarantee is that everyone is having a total blast on the track and will want to come back for more!

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