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  • Lisa Beeson
    Great afternoon out. Booked my partner a tank drive with instructor Tim. Lovely bloke, very friendly and informative. My partner really enjoyed it and I payed the extra to sit in the tank too, well worth the money, would recommend to anyone.

    Lisa Beeson

    Who rated us 5/5, May 29, 2022

  • richard mawdsley
    All I can say is WOW what a great day had a Tank driving experience all the staff and instructor were brilliant and the the Museum is worth a trip on it\'s own, you have to go.

    richard mawdsley

    Who rated us 5/5, May 28, 2022

  • James Hicken
    I booked a lad and dad tank drive for me and my son for his 14th Birthday. The staff were very friendly and organised. Thanks to Danny our instructor. My son was thrilled with the visit and it was well worth the money. May go for the paint ball battle as soon as he is old enough to drive the tank.

    James Hicken

    Who rated us 5/5, May 21, 2022

  • Mike Butterworth
    Just enjoyed a super day out driving a tank round a muddy field - what\'s not to love? Instructor Mick talked you through everything and made it a really nice experience for both me and my wife who was getting bounced around as my passenger. Would thoroughly recommend.

    Mike Butterworth

    Who rated us 5/5, May 20, 2022

  • Andy Griffin
    My sons Dex & Hugo brought me to try tank driving and paint ball battling. Mike our instructor made it a really fun afternoon. If you are thinking of trying this then go ahead, it\'s brilliant! You definitely won\'t regret it. Thanks again Mike!

    Andy Griffin

    Who rated us 5/5, May 7, 2022

  • Emily Hankins
    We visited on Good Friday with our military obsessed autistic 12 year old! The museum is really great - its not huge - but has some really fantastic stuff to look at and read about! I paid for the boys went for a ride in one of the tanks with tank driver Jake. Jake was so patient with Ben who, on seeing the tank up close started to panic about the noise and motion (sensory processing issues in relation to his autism) He let Ben move at his own pace, talked to him calmly and even got the mechanic to start the tank up for Ben with him standing outside so he could see how loud it was before getting in. Ben did finally brave it (phew!) and his face on their return was priceless! It something he will never forget! I want to thank Jake for being so incredibly good with Ben as I think had it been someone who didn\'t get him the situation would have been very different! We are hoping to return for the father/son driving experience in the future!

    Emily Hankins

    Who rated us 5/5, Apr 19, 2022

  • Jamie Rees
    My wife booked booked a tank driving and tank paintball experience for me and three friends. It was well worth the money and we all had a great time. The instructors where extremely knowledgable and really made the day. They really made the battle experience. It was great fun We then went onto air rifle shooting. It was well organised, safe and great fun with a completion to end What a great birthday thanks a lot

    Jamie Rees

    Who rated us 5/5, Mar 18, 2022

  • Stal
    Went on 12 March group of 8 us. Was split into 3 tanks. Really fun time and recomended. We had Mike and he was great, he made the day for us and was really patient! Word of warning, take wellies or old walking shoes with you and old clothes it\'s very muddy!


    Who rated us 5/5, Mar 18, 2022

  • David Williams
    My wife booked the tank driving paint balling for my birthday, the three of us had a great time, staff were very friendly and welcoming and the experience was so much better than we expected, real hands on fun, it would not matter even if it was raining,great location for it and the museum maybe small compared to some but well stocked with vehicles and weapons, a fantastic time was had by all

    David Williams

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 2, 2021

  • Nicola  Falconer
    I booked the adult and child tank driving day for my sons 16th last year. Got to do it for his 17th instead. But what an amazing experience. His friend and I could be added onto the experience too. Throughly enjoyed it and highly recommended the staff were friendly and informative. We are looking at now bringing other people to do the paintball tank day. We travelled all thd way from near Brighton but worth it.

    Nicola Falconer

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 25, 2021

  • Diane Norton
    Had a fab day! Great fun. Well organised. Felt safe. Great memories! Thanks guys.

    Diane Norton

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 25, 2021

  • Alison Burton
    Bought a tank paintballing experience for my husband and son in law, due to the pandemic was unable to use until now. Wow!! The men absolutely loved it; we enjoyed watching it too. The instructors were great, the whole experience was brilliant, the children loved watching it all too. Would definitely recommend this to friends and the museum was very good, with lots of interesting vehicles and exhibits. Thank you to Alex and Matt who helped make memories.

    Alison Burton

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 19, 2021

  • Tammy England
    Absolutely brilliant - my instructor Wayne was great, clear instructions and made me feel at ease - fantastic museum - recommend to everyone

    Tammy England

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 19, 2021

  • Maria
    WOW WOW WOW! Where do I start? I had this as a surprise birthday present with a friend as been on my ‘to do’ list. Best afternoon in a very long time. Lots of squishy mud and mounds to go up and down in. I LOVED IT! Nick you were a star instructor and very brave! Soon got the hang of it and now I am hooked. Definitely going back next year to try the paintballing.


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 18, 2021

  • Sam Tillen
    Went as part of a Stag doo. The experience was great and we were all really well looked after. The staff (Richard in my case) were a good laugh and made sure we got the most out of the day. If your looking for a fun day out doing something a little different then look no further!

    Sam Tillen

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 18, 2021

  • william gordon
    A tank driving taster was bought for my son in law but as he couldn\'t manage I was given it. I took my grand-daughter as a passenger and we both had a great time. Our instructor Luke was brilliant. WARNING : If you do this be prepared for it to cost you. Once \"tasted\" you will want to keep coming back for more and more. We are now looking to bring the whole family next year for the paintball battle. Thanks for a great time guys

    william gordon

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 17, 2021

  • Ian Henshaw
    A great fun experience! The instructor Zak was not only very helpful but extremely polite. The only small moan I have is that for some reason there was no photographer in position during our drive. If you’re thinking of going, do it, I promise you won’t regret it!

    Ian Henshaw

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 11, 2021

  • Adam Fowler
    I had a Virgin gift voucher \"3 vehicle driving experience\" from my wife as a 50th birthday present. My instructor was G, who was very friendly, professional and informative. Rather than drive 3 different vehicles for short distances, I chose to drive 2 vehicles, with the tank drive being longer to give a more varied and challenging driving experience. It was a fantastic afternoon\'s entertainment; driving the tank was totally unlike anything I\'ve driven before, made more enjoyable by the calm tuition of G. If tank driving with the hatch open wasn\'t enough of a challenge, the latter part of the experience was with the hatch closed. Trying to navigate through a windscreen the size of a letterbox isn\'t easy! My second vehicle was the DAF truck, more familiar to drive but still quite a beast! We didn\'t tour the museum but there\'s certainly plenty to do, and I\'m bearing it in mind for my eldest son\'s 18th birthday - he loves tanks so would be a perfect present.

    Adam Fowler

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 6, 2021

    Amazing day. Great to get a very informed tour of the museum before we went out. Alex was brilliant, made it so easy and enjoyable and great fun. We will be back.


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 4, 2021

  • The Nye Family
    Bought the Tank Paintball gift for my hubby for his 50th birthday this year and our boys wanted to come too. All 4 of them visited today and completed the tank driving experience and also the paintball battle too. They loved it. Weather was wet and cold but no matter it did not stop them having fun. Their instructor Mick was fantastic too. Thank you from all of us.

    The Nye Family

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 2, 2021

  • Alex Shaw
    What a fantastic experience. The museum was great but tank driving was a whole new level of fun. It was brilliant, well worth it

    Alex Shaw

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 28, 2021

  • John
    A great experience, both were buzzing afterwards and would do it again. The instructor was great, gave clear instructions and relaxed. A great day had by all. Thank you.


    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 27, 2021

  • Mark Hastings
    Delayed Christmas present because of covid. Well worth the wait. It\'s a great day out. Our instructor Luke took us out on the course, gave us clean instructions on what to do. Highly recommend it.

    Mark Hastings

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 27, 2021

  • Donna Hardy
    After visiting the museum earlier in the year with our 12yr old, who loved seeing the tanks and the rest of the collections, we decided to give him and his older brother [19yrs] an experience they would never forget, as each had always wanted to drive and sit in a tank, I booked the Adult and child experience the day before out oldest was due to start Uni. As it looked so exciting I booked in too. We had an amazing time, our instructor Luke was friendly, funny and informative, often going into indepth details about the vehicles, which the boys loved. He gave just enough support whilst letting them get the full experience of feeling in control. The paintball addition included in the price was brilliant, producing lots of laughs as their Mum made mistakes. I cannot recommend this highly enough, what a fantastic memory to share together. We are returning later in the year for the shooting experience, but will return for the tanks again.. Thanks Everyone. Donna.

    Donna Hardy

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 22, 2021

  • Stacey Smith
    I bought the 3 vehicle experience as a gift for my Partner. He was like a kid in toy shop on arrival. Such a good set up! So much to see and walk around (more than expected). Luke our instructor was great and very knowledgeable. I paid to be a passenger for the day and I am really pleased I did, rather than sit on a bench and watch from a distance. Overall great experience! Would definitely recommend!

    Stacey Smith

    Private Party

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 21, 2021

  • robert i key
    Excellent day

    robert i key

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 20, 2021

  • Shelby
    We went tank driving dressed as Slade! We were a hen party in 4 tanks, our group of 3 was lead by Mick who was very helpful, fun and informative. I would recommend this activity to anyone, although you need to be a little agile to weave around the internal equipment.


    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 18, 2021

  • Nikki McBoyle
    What an awesome experience! Driving a tank has been on my vehicle bucket list for ages and it didn’t disappoint. My instructor Joel was fab, explained everything so clearly and was very encouraging. It was very exhilarating, especially driving up the hill seeing nothing but sky! Having a go with the lid shut was brilliant. I’d do this again in a heartbeat. It was well organised, the photos are amazing and it was really interesting to have a wander round the museum too. Thanks so much guys!

    Nikki McBoyle

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 13, 2021

  • Jason Sharpe
    Received the tank driving experience as a 50th birthday present and had a fantastic time. The instructor was great and the experience was brilliant. The museum is also interesting to look around. Thoroughly recommended!

    Jason Sharpe

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 11, 2021

  • Peter Blackwell
    Had Virgin voucher for this but have had to wait until Covid restrictions allowed it to go ahead. I had a brilliant experience today driving a tank. My instructor, Matt couldn\'t have been better. Relaxed and friendly but with crystal clear instructions and advice. The whole team there were friendly and helpful. I wouldn\'t hesitate to recommend Armourgeddon to anyone wanting some fun. Brilliant!

    Peter Blackwell

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 11, 2021

  • Bryan Shaw
    I was bought this for my 60th birthday nearly 1 year ago but due to COVID I only just managed to get there. My instructor. Mick was great. He told me all about the vehicle and answered all my questions. His instructions were clear and concise and he was a friendly and personable guy. I had a superb experience, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Museum was superb and it was great to know all the vehicles still ran ! I would highly recommend this experience. Thanks

    Bryan Shaw

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 7, 2021

  • mick Bennett
    I was bought this for my 60th birthday 2 years ago but due to COVID I only just managed to get there my instructor. Mick. Was brill. Told me all about the vehicle took me for a demo drive around the track then my turn time. In the driving seat which is very small for a big guy like me. Had a great lap around the top area then down to the bottom area . Where after 1 lap we closed the tank in action position. I would hate to have to drive a tank in combat conditions . The view from the slit is very limited go up hill and you see the sky and down hill the dirt in front of you very limited view with out a tank commander tell whats what you would just crash.,and to do it in full combat gear. No thanks. But the experience well worth it the trip. Good experience.

    mick Bennett

    MMB Technical Building Services Ltd

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 5, 2021

  • Mark Davies
    I had an excellent afternoon driving tanks with my son this was a birthday present from my wife. Thank to Luke our instructor he was very informative and a great instructor. The museum is fantastic full of what are still working tanks. Again the persons in the museum were very knowledgeable and very helpful - Well worth the having this as an experience.

    Mark Davies

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 25, 2021

  • Colin Hartley
    Had a great day, would recommend this experience to anyone Cameron put me at ease throughout the time I spent with him, everything runs smoothly from the time you arrive and made to feel special

    Colin Hartley

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 24, 2021

  • Peter Derek Lake
    on arrival Luke came over to us and introduced himself , he then led us round to the tank which my grandson had to find. he then told us the history of the tank and how many people it would of carried, then the boring stuff health and safety

    Peter Derek Lake

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 24, 2021

  • Martin Nipper
    A fantastic experience. Great museum to look round too. I drove the tank and the instructor was very knowledgeable and let me drive over rough terrain. I\'m 6ft 4in which is the limit so a word of warning if you\'re tall, it\'s a bit cramped. Would highly recommend it.

    Martin Nipper

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 24, 2021

  • Jane Williams
    We bought our 16 year old son a tank driving experience for his birthday, he had a great time, with a fabulous instructor, and we will definitely be back for more! We also did the air rifle and archery combo, that was fantastic, and great fun! The museum is amazing, so much to see, thank you team Armourgeddon for a fabulous day!

    Jane Williams

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 23, 2021

  • Richard Collins
    This was a surprise for my wife who has always wanted to drive a tank and for my daughter who wanted to be a passenger. It was absolutely brilliant and they both loved it. They had three laps of a large track and stopped to fire at targets and both came away beaming from ear to ear. The first lap was as passengers in the turret, lap 2 was driving with the hatch open and the final lap was was the lid closed looking through the periscope. My wife now wants to go every weekend and part ex her car for a tank! All of the staff were fantastic and very helpful. The booking process was easy to complete over phone and email and I was able to make a last minute change to the time due to a kids party in the afternoon. When we arrived we signed in and they were introduced to their instructor who was very friendly and happy and he issued the appropriate safety gear and guided to the tank. This is a brilliant place with a very good museum and cafe. 100% recommend to anyone who want to drive a tank.

    Richard Collins

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 16, 2021

  • Anna Lamb
    A father and son tank drive. This was a gift for our son for Christmas, and although the experience was meant for him… his father I think enjoyed it more! Such a great experience in and outside the tank ride, great museum and friendly staff. Travelled 3 hours for this and would do it again!

    Anna Lamb

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 16, 2021

  • Craig Ferris
    Fantastic day both as a driver and a passenger.. brilliant instructions and all the staff were great. Might have to come back and do this again

    Craig Ferris

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 11, 2021

  • Rebecca Clarke
    Sunday I had the pleasure of literally tanking around a field. I was given a Tank Driving taster session for my birthday & finally (after lockdown) got to get in the driving seat & give it a go, I had a blast & a grin from ear to ear. G (our instructor) was very professional, informative & trusting .......... I mean, how much damage can I do let loose with several tonnes of machinery (they don\'t call me Wrecker Rebecca for nothing LOL) Thoroughly recommend giving this a go & the Military Museum on site is well worth a visit. Thank you Armourgeddon

    Rebecca Clarke

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 27, 2021

  • Lynn Worship
    Great day out fantastic experience topped by a paint balling showdown at the end. Will our instructor made it an especially fun day ensuring we were all involved. Definitely recommend.

    Lynn Worship

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 21, 2021

  • John Morrough
    This was a birthday present from my wife. A great experience driving an armoured vehicle. I have nothing but admiration for the men who had to fight in these. I would recommend this to everyone. The museum was great with lots of different types of military vehicles.

    John Morrough

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 19, 2021

  • Ian Cray
    Had do a fantastic day. The instructor was a great guy and the whole experience was very enjoyable. A great day out.

    Ian Cray

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 19, 2021

  • catherine Hughes
    We had such a fun afternoon at Armourgeddon. Everyone we met was very friendly and accommodating but special thanks go to Alex, our battle commander and instructor! He was incredibly professional, with a great sense of humour and a lot of patience. Thanks Alex! Thanks also to Toby who we commandeered in at the last minute and did some very nifty shooting for us. Cheers guys!!

    catherine Hughes

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 4, 2021

  • John  Denman
    This was a much delayed Christmas present from my daughter. Great one-on-one tank experience with Zac who was really good at taking you through the driving techniques. Got even better going down the hill to the lower circuit. Would highly recommend.

    John Denman

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 9, 2021

  • Bobbie
    Dear Gareth, I did enjoy my surprise APC driving experience having travelled up from E Sussex. Alex was cheerful and polite and explained the controls in detail. I\'d have preferred to have had the 1-to-1 situation explained that I\'d miss out on travelling in the cupola whilst another person drove because the view is better from the top. Also, when it came to the hatch down driving second lap I\'d have liked Alex to adjust my seat well forward because, being short, I couldn\'t reach the throttle or tillers and see out of the scope at the same time so essentially I drove blind! We found the museum interesting and I know my partner was pleased to discover the Ferret Scout Car and AFV 439 Radio Relay specialist vehicle which he commanded when serving in BAOR back in the 1960s!


    Who rated us 4/5, Oct 4, 2020

  • Pauline Hunter
    Received from my son a ‘Tank Driving Experience Day’ for my 61st Birthday. Instructor Shane made it a very memorable day for both my son and myself. Explained everything not only about the tank I was going to drive, but of the other tanks in the museum. Shane has the patience of a saint and was a fun instructor to have for the driving lesson. Highly recommend. Fantastic day out. Big big thank you and a special thanks to Shane

    Pauline Hunter

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 27, 2020

  • Simon Grenfell
    Took the tank driving taster on 23/08/2020 which was really enjoyable. The instruction was excellent and the museum has lots to see. Hope to go back sometime!

    Simon Grenfell

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 25, 2020

  • Angela Coleman
    We had a fantastic time. I bought the experience for my husband \"60th birthday and pay for 2 so my son could enjoy it as well. They both could not stop talking about the wonderful time they had. Despite the weather it never stopped raining but said that made it great. Despite the coronavirus we were made to feel safe at all times.will recommend it to people. Thank you for a lovely safe and wonderful time. Angela coleman

    Angela Coleman

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 24, 2020

  • Robert Wakefield
    My wife got me a tank driving voucher for my birthday, then lockdown struck. But they have a great set up now its reopened in a very safe environment. This acted as a great release from 5 months of working from home. I never thought in my lifetime that I would get to drive a tank, so this was a dream come true. Great tutoring from Will meant I had a great experience. My wife was sat in the tank and she thinks I actually drive a tank better than I drive a car! Many thanks to all at Armourgeddon for the exeprience of a lifetime. Robert Wakefield Aged 54 - favourite film \"Kelly\'s Heroes

    Robert Wakefield

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 30, 2020

  • J Keir
    Really enjoyed the day - only minor niggle was not knowing about the tower with photographer in it!

    J Keir

    Who rated us 5/5, Feb 6, 2020

  • The Keiths
    It was a great experience. The staff were friendly and helpful and the museum was surprisingly good. To be recommended. Junior was over the moon with the tank driving experience. Thanks to the patient young man who took him round the course.

    The Keiths

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 29, 2019

  • Jayne Brooks
    Visited many times in the last few months and experienced many activities. All the staff are wonderful, professional, and have fantastic personas - each and every one of them. I cannot praise them enough and would highly recommend EVERY activity. Thanks guys, your wonderful. jbxx

    Jayne Brooks

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 29, 2019

  • alan
    for my 70th birthday surprise my wife sue brought me this tank driving taster , it could not have been better , had a fantastic experience , great friendly staff Dom the instructor was great . the museum was also a nice treat , the café for a nice cuppa afterwards brought a very memorable day to a nice ending, told lots of friends , put it on Facebook really recommend this treat 100%


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 25, 2019

  • Donald Peacock
    I arranged this experience for my friend who was visiting from Auckland, NZ. He thoroughly enjoyed driving the tank and I enjoyed sitting in the turret position. The museum was also well arranged and we both enjoyed the tanks, vehicles and other elements of the displays.

    Donald Peacock

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2019

  • David Packer
    Fantastic experience driving the Tank and the instructor was amazing. An October date was chosen so the ground was lovely and muddy which added to the fun. I would thoroughly recommend anyone doing this experience, it really is great fun whether a driver or a passenger. The museum is also well worth some time to walk around and the cafe provides welcome refreshments either before or after your event.

    David Packer

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2019

  • ERIC
    We come from France especially for this experience which was my Christmas present, and we really enjoyed it. Phil the instructor was really nice with me because I do not speak English but all was fine. We also love the museum, very interesting. Recommended 100%


    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 30, 2019

  • David Storey
    Fantastic day everything you need to enjoy the experience very informative and well laid out. Definitely go again.

    David Storey

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 30, 2019

  • Justine
    My tank driving taster was a Christmas present from my husband and daughter. We had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was huge fun driving the tank and our instructor Callum was knowledgable and encouraging (especially when I was nervous!!). The museum was interesting and surprisingly big. The photos are great and I was amazed how many shots we had. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family - tank paintball next maybe!!


    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 23, 2019

  • Amber Deacon
    Excellent experience day! The staff were very friendly, nothing was rushed and our instructor was brilliant at explaining everything in simple easy to follow steps. He was enthusiastic and patient so that even our most nervous member of the group (who wasn\'t sure about getting into the tank to begin with) came away smiling and hasn\'t stopped telling us all how much fun she had :)

    Amber Deacon

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 23, 2019

  • Jayne Brooks
    What to do for a tank mad teenager? No brainer really...An absolutely brilliant afternoon with highly skilled and professional staff making one teenagers dreams come true (& and making his friends think he has one majorly \"bad ass\" mum). Thank you to Gareth and the team for making my son\'s birthday one to DEFINITELY remember. We will be back to try other activities as soon as we possibly can. In regards to a review, the whole experience was worth every penny and from a personal point of view and as a parent, I would highly recommended Armourgeddon to everyone.

    Jayne Brooks

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 16, 2019

  • Pat Sparry
    Had brilliant time driving & shooting tank with my 9year old son .Our instructor Phill was brilliant with my son as he was very nervous. We will definitely coming again.

    Pat Sparry

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 16, 2019

  • Trevor Clarke
    Had a fantastic tank driving session for my 60th birthday , along with my ten year old son , we both thoroughly enjoyed it , Joe , our instructor was really good , very informative and friendly . magical memories . The museum was a great bonus too , many exhibits of interest .

    Trevor Clarke

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 10, 2019

  • Kevin Birch
    Had a great afternoon, my lads bought me the tank driving experience for Christmas. Spent a good few hours just wandering around the museum, good value, included in the experience, and also included for my lads when they paid to be passengers in the tank. 40 minutes messing around in the tank was really good fun, and according to the lads quite scary in the turret when descending the hill. All in all a great way to spend an afternoon, thank you.

    Kevin Birch

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 9, 2019

  • Michael Lynch
    This was an 80th Birthday experience from Val my wife and other family members and friends. It was delayed 12 months due to a heart attack. Thanks to the Armourgeddon team for honouring the delay and providing me with a great experience and thanks to Will in particular for his care. I would recommend a visit to my friends.

    Michael Lynch

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 9, 2019

  • Tony abbott
    Great experience. Brilliant instructor (Ben). Really good fun!

    Tony abbott

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 9, 2019

  • Simon
    My two daughters and my wife are always looking for different presents for me for my birthday and i had mentioned driving a tank. They researched and found Armourgeddon. I booked and wow what a day out. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with two other guys on a stag do. taking it in turns to drive the tank hatch opens and closed was great. My youngest daughter also came with us as a passenger and even got the chance to load and fire the paintball cannon the practice range. A full 2 hours for the discounted price of £100 plus £20 for the passenger. Great value for money and one to tick off the bucket list. Thanks to Ben our instructor who was excellent.


    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 6, 2019

  • George Clark
    This was brought for me for my 70 birthday. i cant say enough on how i thoroughly i enjoyed the experience. All the staff were very friendly and informative on the APC\'s. the instructions were clear and questions encouraged. then we got to the vehicle, that\'s when the experience started. it was excitement from start to finish. the controls were easy to use and i think the rain helped to heighten the day as the APC then got a bit of a slide on or so it seemed. all in all a fantastic time. well done to the Armourgeddon crew.

    George Clark

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 3, 2019

  • William Proudfoot
    What a very special morning out with my 8 year old dyslexic grandson. I would have to give a special mention to our instructor (Aiden) who went out of his way to make the experience a very enjoyable one. He set up my phone to record a 10 minute video of my grandson and I firing the cannon at various targets. He also took a few photos of us standing together in front of the tank. I replayed the video the next day at home and it brought tears to my wife and I eyes. It will be a lifelong unforgettable memory for us both. Many thanks to all of the staff at Amourgeddon with special praise for Aiden, our instructor, who made the experience extra special.

    William Proudfoot

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 2, 2019

  • R.Gascoigne
    Our day out was great my grandson thoroughly enjoyed it, he is eleven and had been looking forward to it for weeks and he wasn\'t disappointed This is our four time and is always enjoyable, your staff are very friendly and helpful and put people as there ease. The next family occasion we will be back.


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 19, 2019

  • Bateman Roger
    Very enjoyable day quite intense especially the tank battle would recommend this day out

    Bateman Roger

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 12, 2019

  • Paul
    Fantastic tank driving experience, very enjoyable & well organised. Extensive machinery in the museum was excellent for me, but more social, domestic & human content would have interested my partner. Videos to watch in the museum are detailed and captivating. Thank you for a great day out!


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 1, 2019

  • Lynda Bawden
    Had a tank experience bought for me for Christmas. The lady in the office when I rang up to book was delightful, helpful and informative. On arrival booking in was simple. The instructor was informative and calm as I was a bit nervous! Altogether a brilliant experience..

    Lynda Bawden

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 30, 2019

  • Gavin Hardy
    great place, great atmosphere, great instructors , only one thing i can complain about but its really menial, is more food and drink options behind the counter, and more souvenir\'s to choose from.

    Gavin Hardy

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 29, 2019

  • Karl Hollis
    What a fantastic experience, booked in for tank driving a surprise for my 60th birthday, few more quid and misses came along for the ride. Bit nervous at first but instructor soon put me at ease. couldn\'t stop smiling all way around track. Photos they took were great and a great price, great day all round, museum to top it off, look forward to going again, many thanks Karl & Dawn

    Karl Hollis

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 29, 2019

  • ian schofield
    Visited Armourgeddon on 27th July 2019 for my wife\'s Christmas present. It was very wet and MUD, MUD every where. We had instructions from Cameron on how to drive the 17.5 ton tank and off we went. It was a fabulous experience even with water running down your neck and getting wet through. Would recommend this for anyone wanting to do something different. Special thanks to Cameron, he made it a great day.

    ian schofield

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 28, 2019

  • Tony Dade
    I had a brilliant day driving a 432. Dave my instructor was excellent and explained what I had to do clearly and professionally. My wife was on board as a passenger and Dave kept her informed as to what was happening throughout the experience. As a army vet with experience of driving these vehicles it was a real buzz to get back behind the tillers. Many thanks again for a special way to celebrate my birthday..

    Tony Dade


    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 12, 2019

  • David
    Had a great day with my grandson (aged 11). Both the tank ride and the museum exceeded our expectations, and Matt, our tank driver/instructor was brilliant.


    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 12, 2019

  • rhoda
    Well this was a Christmas gift and boy was i excited on the day we was greeted by an nice man i forgot his name but had a slight dimple then we were suited as its was rather dusty (i would recommend wearing the overalls) then we were split into group and i had the amazing Dom as an instructor (i hope that is the right spelling) he was so calm as he instructed me on how to control the Tank and even reverse the tank i\'m still shocked at the accuracy. i was so worried as i can not drive but he really did make me feel at ease and ready to tackle the tank! The customer service was great only thing that pissed me off a little was the fact one of the Managers or main instructor could not say my last name and when i told him he just seems un-bothered like really? Lastly we bought a the pictures taken of us on the top and me driving definitely recommend as its good quality and its proof that i drove a tank! Then once we were done we walked around the museum and got some souvenirs.


    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 11, 2019

  • Brett
    Great day wasn’t sure what to expect but wasn’t disappointed. Lee was a great instructor and very trusting


    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 11, 2019

  • Janice
    I had a great time. The instructor was brilliant at giving clear instructions. I even got to park the tank. A bit sad I did not get to squish something! Would highly recommend, even for ladies of a certain age like me!


    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 11, 2019

  • tim smith
    Fantastic time even though it rained all day. The staff were helpful and friendly,Alex our instructor was amazing and informative.My wife, who came with me in the tank as a passenger was a bit nervous, Alex reassured her and she enjoyed the experience.

    tim smith

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 2, 2019

  • Shell Davis
    Thank you. Organised paintball for my Husbands 40th Birthday, the boys were a little short of players but Armourgeddon let them play anyway and they had the best time ever. Well worth a trip out to do this but keep in mind the hot weather and maybe ask to take some drinks down with you if it is as hot as it was this weekend.

    Shell Davis

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 2, 2019

  • Paul Key
    Age no barrier, nor mud, Ben gave helpful, informed advice complimented by good Museum displays

    Paul Key

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 27, 2019

  • Mike McGeouch
    What a brilliant afternoon, I\'ve waited 9 months for this (a 65th birthday present) and I wasn\'t disappointed. Brought back memories of when I drove the AFV432 some 47 years ago, didn\'t take long for the memories to come flooding back. I would definitely recommend this as a must do experience.

    Mike McGeouch

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 17, 2019

  • C Morley
    Brilliant time and well worth the money. Staff are all very helpful and knowledgeable. Museum better than expected and a lot more to see inside. I would say well worth the 6 hour round trip (not stopped talking about the tank driving experience for a week so far)

    C Morley

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 12, 2019

  • Ruth Jones
    Booked it for my husband\'s 60th, as he had always wanted to drive a tank. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I went as a passenger and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. The instructors are clear with instructions. The photo\'s are excellent and worth the money. Interesting museum. Booking the day was easy and clear instructions given.

    Ruth Jones

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 11, 2019

  • Ian S
    Yahoo! What a hoot. Get this for your boyftiend/girlfriend, dad/mum, grannie/granddad...hell, get it for yourself!!! You will cackle with laughter \'til the tears are rolling down your leg! p.s. Get instructors to teach you which is left and right!!!! ...and don\'t forget the museum before/after - some great kit to see!

    Ian S

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 10, 2019

  • Pat Grube
    My son and I traveled from Kansas to do the tank paintball experience. Few things in life live up to the hype. This exceeded it. We had an amazing time. Callum was a fabulous instructor. He did a great job of teaching and making things fun. We loved our Armourgeddon experience.

    Pat Grube

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 10, 2019

  • Colin Head
    This Tank Driving Experience was a gift from my daughters for my 80th birthday. What a great experience for us all despite the awful rainy weather. It certainly made the drive in the mud interesting! We really enjoyed ourselves and could have stayed in the museum a lot longer. Well organised and run. Thanks everyone, I had a brilliant time. Sorry, I can\'t remember instructor\'s name.

    Colin Head

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 10, 2019

  • Harry Noakes
    What a great Sunday afternoon, driving a tank is a hoot, the weather was atrocious but it didn’t spoil the experience, Dominic, my instructor was great and the photos that they take were brilliant, Go on give it a go, you know you want to!

    Harry Noakes

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 10, 2019

  • Paul
    I drove a tank. Was great fun, the kids loved it


    Who rated us 4/5, Jun 10, 2019

  • Mel Harris
    Absolutely loved the experience. Dominic is a great instructor and definitely enjoys his job. My partner was passenger and felt \'really safe\' knowing the rain soaked course would mean going a bit slower :-0. However, it was a great birthday present and was enjoyed by us all. Thanks very much - and great cup of tea and cheesy baps!

    Mel Harris

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 10, 2019

  • Ray Jarvis
    2nd time i have done the lads and dads experience with my grandson we both loved it him firing the gun and riding in the turret and me driving. 10/10

    Ray Jarvis

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 10, 2019

  • Maria Burns
    This was the best fun we have had in ages. Don\'t worry about fitness or agility, you can get around the inside ok. Alex was our guide and he was knowledgable and made the whole thing such fun. we`d do this again in a heartbeat. A great day. Thank you.

    Maria Burns

    Who rated us 5/5, May 28, 2019

  • Barbara Pinder
    I have always wanted to drive a tank and was delighted when my daughter bought me a taster session for Christmas. What can I say but it was amazing and I think the smile on my face said it all. Thank you to George who made me feel so relaxed so I enjoyed the experience. I LOVED IT.

    Barbara Pinder

    Who rated us 5/5, May 27, 2019

  • Jo
    I treated myself to a Tank Paintball Battle (which our tank won), and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Our instructor Alex was excellent, entertaining and very helpful, and the whole thing was a great experience from start to finish. Driving a tank was something I\'d long wanted to do, and I loved every minute. The only drawback was that the time went by all too quickly. The museum was excellent, with a good number of interesting vehicles to look at, and also a fascinating room full of war memorabilia. The staff were all very friendly and clearly enjoyed their work, and in terms of safety we were looked after very efficiently. I\'d intended this as a one-off experience, but somehow I think I\'ll be back for more.


    Who rated us 5/5, May 20, 2019

  • Gillian Stewart
    What a fantastic afternoon and our instructor made it. We all had an absolute blast. Thank you! Highly recommended

    Gillian Stewart

    Who rated us 5/5, May 17, 2019

  • Matthew Franks
    We came here with a party of 11 for a stag do (they are stag friendly). You really do get to drive/operate/battle an actual tank, it was mind-blowing. Tanks fit three people and the instructor, and each person has an opportunity to drive the tank, load/fire the turret and rotate/aim the turret.There\'s not much more I can say, except everyone was completely blown away by how incredible the experience was. Special mention to our instructor Matt who was extremely friendly and welcoming. He really went the extra mile to make sure the stag had the best day possible. Lots of information about the tanks, such as their history, and the modifications they had made to fire paintballs rather than shells. Instructions he gave were very clear and concise, but he also managed to ensure everyone was having fun at the same time. I couldn\'t recommend him enough. Please reward him in anyway you can to show my appreciation.

    Matthew Franks

    Who rated us 5/5, May 13, 2019

  • David Townsend
    Great experiance I have already recomeded to others

    David Townsend

    Who rated us 5/5, May 1, 2019

  • Debra Raynes
    I have just had a 1 to 1 tank driving experience with Callum and it was fantastic. Callum was brilliant and helped to explain all the health and safety and how to use the controls correctly. He was there if I needed him to take control and guided me through the experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone, thank you for a great time

    Debra Raynes

    Who rated us 5/5, Apr 27, 2019

  • Geoff Tubbs
    This was a gift from my son for my birthday. What a great experience. I really enjoyed myself and could have stayed in the museum a lot longer than I did. Well organised and run. The instructors must have the patience of Job!! Thanks everyone, I had a brilliant time.

    Geoff Tubbs

    Who rated us 5/5, Apr 21, 2019

  • Chris Buxton
    Loved it. Birthday present from my wife and boys. We all took part and had a superb time. The website photo’s do not do the place justice. You will not be disappointed

    Chris Buxton

    Who rated us 5/5, Apr 14, 2019

  • Dave New
    I was brought this as a 60 birthday present by my children I had a fantastic time, my instructor was excellent told me all about the tank I was about to drive and showed all the controls . I only have one complaint the time went far to quick .All the staff are so very friendly and helpful which makes a nice change these days . The museum was also very good . If you are not sure about doing this experience go for it ,you won’t be disappointed.

    Dave New

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 24, 2018

  • Susan Hoare
    It was a great day,actually a surprise birthday present from my lovely husband. I always wanted to drive a tank and my wish came true. It was a very wet day but that added to the experience. I would like to go back in the summer. Joe my instuctor was great, thank you Joe. He even let me reverse the tank which I can\'t beleve I did. I wanted to keep driving LOL. All in all a fantrastic experience and very well organised by everyone there. Only slight disappointment was that I only had 2 laps driving when the description stated 3 laps on your own plus the first one with the instructor in control. Was it due to the weather and having to try and catch up on the time??? Got loads of photos of our own that my husband took and a CD which was really good which was able to capture the whole experience with me, my husband standing at the back and Joe. Brilliant.

    Susan Hoare

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 21, 2018

  • Dawn
    I took my client who is a young man to do the tank drive experience with me as a passenger. He loved it and the staff were were great with him taking time to explain everything so he could understand.


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 12, 2018

  • David Hickman
    Fantastic day! This was a treat for me and my two mates for our birthdays from our wives. Callum was our instructor , very friendly and knowledgeable … nice bloke. This was a fun day for us but you can\'t imagine doing this under real pressure in a theatre of war ….especially when you are driving at speed looking through a slit the size of a letterbox one. Thanks for a memorable day, also just to say the museum is done really well ,a nice addition to the day.

    David Hickman

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 7, 2018

  • Stephen Hall
    Absolutely amazing day - second time ive been and this time took my sons for an epic tank paintball battle HIGHLY RECOMMED

    Stephen Hall

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 5, 2018

  • AShley Cooper
    I took my wife to the tank driving experience as a surprise for her birthday on 23/09/18 Put simply, she just enjoyed the whole lot

    AShley Cooper

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 24, 2018

  • Jeff Tibbey
    Had an enjoyable experience, well briefed by the instructor Roger.

    Jeff Tibbey

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 17, 2018

  • Kathryn Potticary
    Fantastic day - a team building day that really does require team work. Well organised and great fun. Everyone returned to work buzzing.

    Kathryn Potticary

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 17, 2018

  • Tina Morgan
    What a fantastic day. Haven\'t laughed so much in ages. The staff were fantastic throughout the booking process and on the Matt was extremely patient with three rather boisterous Northern Women. He joined in the fun and made the day more enjoyable. Who knew that driving tanks and doing a tank battle could be such a great day out. I would definitely go back again.

    Tina Morgan

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 12, 2018

  • JL Jeffs
    My daughter and her friend from Canada had an amazing time (as did my husband who also went along). My daughter was so excited that she had been able to reverse park a tank! They all had a great time and would highly recommend it. The photos supplied were great too. The staff were great and we really appreciated the fact that they managed to slot us in at very short notice as the Canadian friend was returning home the following day. It was a very memorable last day for her. Thanks

    JL Jeffs

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 3, 2018

  • Bill Hooper
    My wife Sue bought me a one-to-one Tank driving experience. I had an instructor called Richard and he was excellent. Very clear guidance is given and the whole experience was well organised and efficiently run. The Tank (called Lilly) was easy to drive and I had a huge smile on my face the whole time that I was driving. Don\'t think about doing this - just do it! It\'s great! I give this Five Stars.

    Bill Hooper


    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 2, 2018

  • Sarah
    We were there 25/8/18 and had a fantastic day. Our instructor Charles was excellent, informative, helpful and made the whole paintball battle really great fun. Great day out and the museum was interesting to spend time in while we waited to get out the tank. Very well organised, good attention to health and safety without getting boring. Top marks to the team, hope to be back for another battle one day! Cheers!



    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 29, 2018

  • Hannah Swanborough
    I purchased a tank driving taster experience for my other half as a surprise. When I rang up to book the lady on the phone was helpful and friendly and managed to fit me into the date that I needed. When we arrived today we paid an extra £20 so I could be a passenger for the experience. We had a look round the museum which was interesting and full of facts. We were offered tea/coffee and soft drinks and snacks while waiting for a low price. The actual experience was amazing, my partner had the best time and I really enjoyed it. Our instructor, Dom was funny and friendly and the experience was one we will never forget. All staff were fantastic and couldn\'t be faulted. Would recommend this to anyone.

    Hannah Swanborough

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 26, 2018

  • Jem
    WOW - despite a really busy day i still felt as if the experience was really for me. I come from nearby and it was brilliant to be back even if only for an hour - with gliders in the sky and me driving a tank - a tank !! the day was surreal. Joe - who has done a 1000 trips a week - still made me feel as if here were as excited as i was. A proper pro. Very knowledgeable too. Not just driving a 17 ton tank - somehow - they made this feel really special. Thanks to my lovely wife Helen who booked this for me XXXXXXX


    Self Emplyed

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 23, 2018

  • Talks
    Bought for a gift for my husband and grandson, they had a fantastic time! The staff were all great and the entire afternoon was a marvellous success, thank you!


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 19, 2018

  • Paul & Marks
    What a fantastic day - staff were brilliant and so so helpful - Museum very very interesting - and as for the tank ride , it was smiles all round ear to ear . Great people,great atmosphere, great experience - I will definitely be back and will tell all about a great day - many thanks.

    Paul & Marks

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 30, 2018

  • Adam
    Brilliant! Instructor (Gareth) was obviously very experienced but also kept it all light-hearted. Had a great time and have already recommended it to several people. Might want to wear overalls (which are provided) as we declined due to the heat....and subsequently wrecked my clothes as there\'s a lot of exposed greased areas in those tanks! Well worth it though!


    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 23, 2018

  • gill worrall
    This was a surprise for my Birthday, something I’d always wanted to do and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a little apprehensive about driving a tank on my own but Ben and Luke guided me round the track really well. Also the museum is well worth the visit.

    gill worrall

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 19, 2018

  • paul Stewart
    I was bought a tank drive as a xmas present and i must admit the best present ever had a great time, staff were brill and even in the dust it was great fun cannot wait to do it again

    paul Stewart

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 9, 2018

  • Laura Farnsworth
    Booked this for my partners birthday as a surprise, and it did not disappoint! Absolutely fab day that he enjoyed very much! Would recommend to anyone who wants to try something different!

    Laura Farnsworth

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 3, 2018

  • Ashleigh
    What a great day!! We did the Tank Taster day!! It was a lot of fun. Shane had a lot of patience and was funny too! A great time. I will be back! Yikes!


    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 22, 2018

  • Abdulla
    My husband and son had the dad and lads experience They came home buzzing Both said the best time they had in their lives lol They loved the whole experience from touring the museum to driving the tank and firing it They said everyone should do it Well worth the money and highly recommended for fun day out


    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 19, 2018

  • Rasmus Kreutzmann
    Pretty good quality. One of our programmers mentioned some of the unique features in this game, so we took the time to check it out. It\'s definitely well designed.

    Rasmus Kreutzmann

    Jittery Monks

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 9, 2018

  • Nicola izard
    Fantastic for all three of my party aged from 15 to 48 they loved it xx thank you xx

    Nicola izard

    Who rated us 5/5, May 28, 2018

  • Sophie
    I booked a tank driving experience for my father as a gift... most definitely the right choice. I jumped in as a passenger (added extra but well worth it) and we had the most amazing time ! Louie was a fantastic instructor making us both feel at ease but was really knowledgable. Would definitely recommend this experience to a anyone - added extra of the museum onsite too ( included)


    Who rated us 5/5, May 9, 2018

  • Lindsey
    Hi, We had a fantastic time on 14.04.18 with Gareth, Joel and Louis instructing us in Tank Driving. They were all patient, informative, just amazing really! This is not something we do every day and even though they do they made it special for us. I had been looking forward to it for 4/12 and it did not disappoint! This was a Christmas present from my sister and she really outdid herself this time! I\'ve told everyone how magnificent it was - they should all have the opportunity to drive a tank! Thanks again. Lindsey and Andrew.


    Who rated us 5/5, Apr 27, 2018

  • Stella Connor
    Had a really good time. Joe was great and patient. The museum had some really good exhibits and all the staff were really friendly. Would definitely recommend.

    Stella Connor

    Who rated us 5/5, Apr 19, 2018

  • Paul Edgoose
    Had a fantastic day not enjoyed myself so much for ages. Thanktoy

    Paul Edgoose

    Who rated us 5/5, Mar 18, 2018

  • Alex Booth
    This was a great day out for me and the team, really helped the social side and motivate. The venue was surprisingly well built and the varied activities kept us buzzing all day. Thanks very much for the great day out

    Alex Booth


    Who rated us 5/5, Mar 18, 2018

  • Wayne Slade
    Had a really good day. Only think I would say is would of been nice to drive the tank a bit more but other that that we really enjoyed it

    Wayne Slade

    Who rated us 5/5, Dec 24, 2017

  • Amy Riddlesworth
    We had our sons 10th birthday party here last weekend. It was a great afternoon all the boys loved it. Very professional set up.

    Amy Riddlesworth

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 8, 2017

  • Andrew Hall
    Had fantastic time, the entire set up was excellent, the instruction first rate and the experience top notch. very highly recommended.

    Andrew Hall

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 3, 2017

  • Mick Fossey
    An excellent afternoon spent on the Tank Paintball Battle at Armourgeddon. Very informative briefing given by Wayne-our tank commander. Driving with all hatches closed was certainly something different. With the battle done(and won) spent time in the museum, there is a vast array of vehicles down to the smaller personal equipment, well worth seeing. A well organized venue with very friendly and welcoming staff. Will be checking out their other activities.

    Mick Fossey

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 31, 2017

  • John Holser
    What I can tell you is I haven’t had that much fun in many years. Instructor may have been Stuart, was very patient and gave me great help. Even though I have shrunk with age so the Drs. Tell me, I am still almost 6ft, so having seen inside several of your vehicles I can see why I didn’t follow up my initial interest as a career when I was younger. But a great time and I would certainly recommend it for a great day out.

    John Holser

    Who rated us 10/5,

  • jc
    Absolutely fantastic day. We chose the tank battle and loved it, we all got a chance to drive the tank as well as loading and firing the canon in the heat of battle! Our guide Alex made the day, he was really enthusiastic throughout the day as well as being happy to answer all our questions about the tanks. 10/10 would definitely recommend and absolutlely come back if there was another track to drive on or a different challenge to complete in the tanks :) Thank you, guys!


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 26, 2017

  • Anna Metcalfe
    Excellent tuition, amazing experience, I highly recommend Armourgeddon. Cant wait to do it all again. Never thought I would have so much fun at 5 miles an hour!! Anna

    Anna Metcalfe

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 26, 2017

  • James Glanville
    Really enjoyed the tank driving experience! Really well organised and fun, have v already recommended a few times, would be interested in the paintballing in the future, thanks

    James Glanville

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 26, 2017

  • Robert Yellop
    I was given a tank drive experience as a leaving present when I retired. Beforehand, I was unsure of what to expect but I can honestly say that it was an incredible experience and I would certainly do it again. The staff were all friendly and helpful and obviously enjoy what they do. The museum is also very interesting with so much packed into a relatively small area.

    Robert Yellop

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 25, 2017

  • Darren Cairns
    I had my second 50th birthday present of a Tank driving experience and yet again it was fantastic. This is an fabulous gift to give someone at a brilliant place.

    Darren Cairns

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 25, 2017

  • Julia Boon
    I booked the one hour tank drive for my Dad\'s 80th birthday present. In comparison to other \"driving experiences\" this was good value for money. My Dad thoroughly enjoyed driving the tank, especially as he had his four grandchildren in with him as passengers. The instructions and directions given after booking were good. We also purchased a disc of photos, taken during his hour, as an additional present which cost £20 and will be a nice momento. He also enjoyed the military vehicle museum on site which is included in the package. I would definitely recommend this activity.

    Julia Boon

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 25, 2017

  • Adam Clark
    Awesome day, Highly recommended!!!

    Adam Clark

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 25, 2017

  • Edward ranger
    The voucher was bought for me as a Christmas present by my wife. I’ve always wanted to have a go on an AFV. Brilliant experience. We’re not local – 2 hour drive each way – but well worth it. Instructor was great; obviously ex-army who had served on the things. He was having as much fun enthusing about them to us as we were having riding and driving them. Only negative point is that (apparently) any use of live ammo on site is frowned upon. Museum was great too.

    Edward ranger

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 25, 2017

  • Josephine Prince
    To my surprise I was bought the Tank Driving Experience as a gift .. I had a super afternoon ,my instructor Stuart was very good and gave plenty of information I paid the extra so my partner who is 75 could also have the experience of being in a tank with me driving. and he really enjoyed it too .The photos were of good quality and worth paying the extra for.

    Josephine Prince

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 25, 2017

  • Gabriella
    I just had a team offsite and it GREATLY exceeded our expectations. The staff is so much fun and accommodating :) It is such a great team building exercise. We also had a bbq there after the activity and the food was incredible. Very cool facility and would gladly send more of our teams there in the future.



    Who rated us 10/5, Oct 24, 2017

  • David Knight
    Great few hours spent in the brill museum followed by the training/tank battle in our tank called \'Rosie\'. Led by \'commander\' Louie ... we edged to a narrow defeat 9-10 ... but let\'s blame that on the rain, mud ... and the fact we tried to fire 2 paintballs at the same time haha. A really good afternoon had by all. Thanks, Louie! HIghly recommended for a short day out ... no matter your age, sex, or height ... ENJOY! 10 out of 10!

    David Knight

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 24, 2017

  • Alex Murray-Holland
    Absolutely amazing!!! Loved learning all about the tank I was driving. Did the tank driving taster session and will definitely be coming back to explore the rest of the options.

    Alex Murray-Holland

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 24, 2017

  • Becki
    Wow what an experience! We had so much fun, our tank driver, Alex, made it even more awesome! The boys truly loved every minute, it was sooo worth the 4 hour drive, we\'ll definitely be booking with you again for sure! It was just awesomeness, thankyou.


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 24, 2017

  • Gary
    Was bought this by my son for my 60th birthday. What an experience, I have had so much fun driving the tank under the expert and patient instructions from Wayne. The 2 hours flew past. Enjoyed the museum, much better than I was expecting. Will be back again. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and would recommend to anyone to give it a go. Several of my friends at the pub were amazed by the photos anyway to go /add to bucket list.



    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 24, 2017

  • Alastair Chambers
    My wife bought me a driving experience for my birthday. It was tremendous fun, choice of 2 different vehicles, excellent instructor and lots of mud. I can thoroughly recommend it,also there is a good museum with some unusual and interesting vehicles.

    Alastair Chambers

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 24, 2017

  • Benedict Rowe
    I can't recommend Armourgeddon highly enough. An amazing day. We all had smiles on our faces throughout. Our instructor, Aaron, was brilliant. He was so friendly and helpful and really went out of his way to make our day special. We had huge fun learning to drive, aim and fire in the tank, and the Chaos Paintball battle was great fun! We also had time to look around the museum on site. Small, but very good. There's a great deal to see, and it's very well presented. I\'d encourage anyone to go to Armourgeddon, we'll certainly be back!

    Benedict Rowe


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 24, 2017

  • Si
    Apparently Tank Driving is not a normal date. It was a successful date though and was good enough to secure a 3rd date and a very enjoyable... 'kiss'. Whether that was all my doing or the sultry tones of Instructor Darren in my date\'s ears as she tackled the big hill in a tank we shall never know. If you like someone, think big. 17 Tons big. It\'s fun and distracts your date from wondering what the hell she is doing going on a date with you and also hides the fact you have absolutely no idea what you are doing. Roll on the 4th Date ;)


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Gary Misters
    We chose Armourgeddon as we had wanted to do something different for our son\'s birthday, as he is a tank fanatic. Having checked the internet for various organizations we fell across Armourgeddon and it seemed ideal. I must say we were not disappointed from their impressive collection of armoured vehicles to the way the staff treated us. He absolutely loved it. Not only the experience of driving the tank but he really enjoyed the museum. We had a great time 10 out of 10, thanks for a great day. Gary, Mandy, Callum and Cole.

    Gary Misters

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Anne
    The tank drive was a Christmas gift from my husband & it was brilliant, I loved every minute of it! Huge thanks to the instructor, Dan, for all his patience! I will be recommending Armourgeddon to friends & work colleagues without any hesitation.


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Janey Ault
    My husband absolutely loved his birthday gift of the tank driving experience, on sat 14th Oct 17. Our son, and myself decided to pay a little extra to go along for the ride. It was brilliant! Thanķyou very much to shane who was our instructor, he made it an excellent experience for us all. Just to say also the museum is worth wandering round whilst waiting to go out on the tank. The film shown is really good. It\'s also worth buying the photos that are taken whilst you go round. A worthy keepsake. Thanķyou all once again. Fantastic fun!

    Janey Ault

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Anthony Bradley
    Hi, yes had a very good time weather was good to boot. Instructer was first class his instructions on how to drive the tank i couldn't complain. Would recommend to anyone all staff very helpful. And the museum was also very interesting.

    Anthony Bradley

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Anthony Bradley
    Hi, yes had a very good time weather was good to boot. Instructer was first class his instructions on how to drive the tank i couldn't complain. Would recommend to anyone all staff very helpful. And the museum was also very interesting. 10 out of 10 !!

    Anthony Bradley

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Andrew Gleed
    Had a great time and the instructor was very informative. It was also very enjoyable going round the museum. I will definitely be going back again.

    Andrew Gleed

    Andrew Gleed Photography

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Louise
    Booked the tank driving experience for my husband\'s 40th birthday- he loved it! A really unique experience, something to remember forever! I went along as a passenger and it was such good fun! Phil the instructor was great, all the staff were very professional and knew their stuff. Would definitely recommend it and am sure we will be taking other family members!


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Greg Warwick
    I bought a battle for my son and myself ..... absolutely awesome! Can\'t recommend you enough. If you do only one adventure activity in your life ...... make sure it\'s this one. Thank you for your professionalism, for your know how and for the most amazing fun. If the boss and I ever get divorced, we\'ll be in opposing tanks at Armourgeddon.

    Greg Warwick

    Fireball Rally

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Dan Laidlaw
    A truly memorable day! All the staff were very friendly and it was great to see the collection of vehicles. My instructor Darren was a top man, very friendly and informative. Can\'t wait to do it again!

    Dan Laidlaw

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Rob
    What a great day! Straight behind the sticks of a tank. Matt was a great laugh specially while being the tank equivalent of parking radar! Defo worth a trip


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Alfred Smith
    all of us had a brilliant time with you, both my son and son in law are looking to return and bringing friends and family along to get the experience, it was fun, laughs all round as we wriggled around the inside of the tank great instructors made you feel at ease, looking forward to a return visit, nine out of ten

    Alfred Smith

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Peter
    Highly recommended! There were assorted family members aged 18 to 56 and everyone had a fantastic time. The instructors were friendly and thorough and helped make it a great experience. It isn\'t the cheapest way to spend a few hours - but for value for money I\'d recommend it any day of the week! Different, fun, interesting, and challenging at times - guaranteed to put a smile on anybody\'s face.


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Louise Smith
    What a fantastic day word’s cannot describe museum very interesting and the best £20 i spent on getting the photos of my dream come true experience that I will have for he rest of my life to keep looking at and all the staff were very friendly.P.S hope there was some cake left for you Darren ????????

    Louise Smith

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 23, 2017

  • Julie
    Fantastic fun! Did tank paintball battles for son\'s 16th birthday and we both had huge smiles at the end of the day. Glen was really good, very engaging and made the day more enjoyable. Would highly recommend this to anyone! Son was nattering at me the instant we left to book it again! Thanks for making his birthday a day to remember


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 12, 2017

  • Ian Wharton
    WOW, what an amazing time, we went with around 10 of us on a stag do, the staff were all excellent, thank you for an amazing time, Highly recommended. Many thanks

    Ian Wharton

    IMS Maintenance Ltd

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 11, 2017

  • Andrea Tiller
    My partner and I had great fun and found our instructor, Craig, to be very friendly and knowledgeable. Would love to do it again!

    Andrea Tiller

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 9, 2017

  • Peter Williams
    Present for my 70th Birthday and one of my best presents ever. The whole experience was absolutely brilliant with grateful thanks to my instructor Alex who guided me through professionally and with patience. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested

    Peter Williams

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 8, 2017

    A Christmas pressie from the wife for me and the lad - great bonding experience, couldn\'t fault the afternoon with the instructors being jolly, friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend for anyone with a teenage son when you want some dad and lad time.


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 8, 2017

  • Des Ashby
    WOW????????, what a great experience after some excellent training from Shane ????, had a great drive round the track , and then a quick look round the museum , will definately be back for a proper look . I would thoroughly recommend anyone to try the driving experience . Thank you , Armourgeddon .

    Des Ashby

    Who rated us 4/5, Oct 5, 2017

  • Phil Smith
    What a fantastic day out. Great staff all round. Great museum and a totally unique experience driving a tank. Highly Highly recommended.

    Phil Smith

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 5, 2017

  • Giles Korner
    We had a fantastic time! Such a great event to do, the team were excellent – please pass on our thanks to them all.

    Giles Korner

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 5, 2017

  • Christine Varney
    I had a fantastic day on 30th July 2017. Our instructor was very informative, he made the experience very enjoyable. My family and I also enjoyed looking round the museum, you have many interesting items on show. We were very surprised how many other experiences you have there that we could do. Would recommend Armourgeddon to all my friends. Many thanks for the enjoyable day

    Christine Varney

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 5, 2017

  • Jim Lowe
    It was absolutely fantastic. i will definitely be back!

    Jim Lowe

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 5, 2017

  • Mick Sherwood
    Thanks for a great day , good fun nice people can highly recommend.

    Mick Sherwood

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 3, 2017

  • SU & ARUN
    Its a must do for anyone up for some adventure ! it was a birthday gift for my husband and he and i completely loved the whole experience. the instructors , dan and Darren were so friendly and explained about the tanks we were in. for a machine lover its an absolute treat! thank you . will arrange to do it again with a bigger group someday .

    SU & ARUN

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 3, 2017

  • Paul
    Brilliant fun! My wife bought me the tank paintball experience for my birthday and it was great. I was teamed up with two guys from Denmark and we learnt how to drive the tank, load the gun and aim/fire the gun. My wife paid to be a passenger and only missed out on the driving part. Shane the instructor was enthusiastic throughout and made the whole experience more enjoyable. The day culminated in a battle with another team. We won by 12 hits to 11 which was the icing on the birthday cake! I Would thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to do something out of the ordinary. Paul


    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 2, 2017

  • Paul Knapton
    As a 60th birthday present the family arrange this experience day. Arrived to find tanks lined up ready to go. Soon my son daughter and I were off in the tank with Wayne our instructor driving and myself in the turret. For the next circuit I was in the driving seat, peering out of the hatch with Wayne behind me giving guidance over the headset. At the lower part of the course, the hatch was lowered and I drove using the periscope, a completely different experience! Having nearly side-swiped a trailer part way round the course, Wayne calmly pointed out that since I was at the right side of the tank, there was much more of it on the left! Excellent fun getting used to driving, and even reverse parking the tank with Wayne providing friendly guidance.

    Paul Knapton

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 2, 2017

  • Chris Evans
    Did a dad's and lad's experience for my son's 10th birthday. Paul the instructor was good, explained everything very well. My wife and twin boys came along too, as you can imagine they were very excited. We all got three shots each at the targets. All in all a fantastic experience.

    Chris Evans

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 30, 2017

  • Andrew Gadsby
    A fantastic experience. This was the best activity day out I've ever been on. We had 3 in the tank and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We will be back for Tank Paint Ball.

    Andrew Gadsby

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 29, 2017

  • Ian Knight
    Had a great few hours. Bought as a 60th bday present. A bit of a squeeze for an old fogy but fun. Now I know what my dad went through in radio comms version in the army. Cheers Ian

    Ian Knight

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 29, 2017

    Having been on a number of activity days this tank driving taster is the only one I've done which has left me wanting to go back and do again. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Highly recommend this to anyone. And it was well worth the 3hr drive.looking forward to returning. Cheers Alex. (Our instructor)


    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 28, 2017

  • Brendan Wheeler
    Tank paintball battle experience Had a fantastic day. What an experience!! Driving the tank was absolutely amazing and great fun firing the the cannon at the other tank. Our instructor Paul was fantastic and very knowledgeable and made sure we had a very goodifferent laugh. Would highly recommend this to everyone looking for something fun and different. I will be coming back at some point.

    Brendan Wheeler

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 24, 2017

  • Paul Bourn
    Had an excellent time traveled over 120 miles and it was worth every mile of the journey. Book for the old man he is 70 years old and my wife and all parties enjoyed thoroughly.

    Paul Bourn

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 21, 2017

  • Dennis Cook
    Fantastic experience at Armourgeddon over the weekend. The whole day was amazing! Me and my 10 year old son opted for 'dads and lads' and it was superb. Alex was a true professional and made the day really special for me and my son. I'd recommend Armourgeddon to all my family and friends.

    Dennis Cook

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 20, 2017

  • Chaz & Daz
    We all had a great day. The instructors (5*). The staff so friendly. It is well worth a visit even if you think you can't drive a AFV... Think again :) People of all ages were their, Male and Female. You get to try out Driver, Loader, Gunner. Open hatch, Closed hatch... The Tank Battles, are :) Will be going again. The museum is also worth a visit... If you don't want to drive... Cafe onsite with ample seating. Thanks was a great day.

    Chaz & Daz

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 19, 2017

  • nigel
    Had a great time, would recommend, driver who helps glasses goatee very friendly, museum had good collection too, only thing couldn't just buy 1 digital pic for a fiver they wanted £20 for a dvd.


    Who rated us 4/5, Sep 19, 2017

  • Chris Owen
    I came with my two best mates not knowing what to expect and we had a great time. Our instructor, Richard, was excellent. Getting into a tank for the first time was strange but we soon got used to it. Having each tried out the three positions of driver, loader and gunner I opted to be loader, although driving had been fun. We won our tank battle by 8:7 a and then went around the museum which houses some excellent examples and my main focus was to see a Sherman tank as my late father was a tank commander in WW2 with the Northants Yeomanry. I thoroughly recommend this experience. 10/10.

    Chris Owen

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 19, 2017

  • Aline Hobbs
    A gift for my 'special' birthday and I loved every minute of my Tank Driving experience. My instructor Stuart explained everything really clearly and was friendly and calm! It was over too soon but the photos taken by Armourgeddon were really good and will be a perfect reminder of a great experience. May try Tank Paintball next!

    Aline Hobbs

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 18, 2017

  • Vanessa Milne
    I paid for the Dads and Lads for my sons 31st birthday, along with four family members as passengers. It totally exceeded my expectations and everyone was so friendly. Everyone enjoyed themselves and together was blown away with how good it was and how well organised. Paul whom looked after my family was absolutely wonderful and was great with my nine year old grandson. I would recommend this to anyone. It is a great experience!!!!!

    Vanessa Milne

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 18, 2017

  • Michael MacCarthy
    Had a really great couple of hours at Armourgeddon, not only the tank driving, but the museum was great also. Would recommend it to anyone who's up for a bit of fun!

    Michael MacCarthy

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 18, 2017

  • Colin Howe
    I had a fantastic day on Saturday driving a Tank. I felt particularly lucky to have Simon as my instructor who added a great deal of value to the day. It was an activity I would certainly recommend to anybody who wants to have a go of a 30 tonne vehicle. This was a Christmas present from my daughter Shelley and her fiance Pat so a big thank you to them. My wife said she hasn't seen me smile so much for a long time.

    Colin Howe

    Select Solar

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 18, 2017

  • Frank Paxton
    The experience was brought as a present and what an experience it was!! Best present I've had!! Brilliant instructions from Roger who was great. I will booking the paintball battle in the near future. Once again thanks for a great day. Ps the museum is worth a look as well.

    Frank Paxton

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 18, 2017

  • sharon henshaw
    I bought this as a fathers day present for my 79 year old dad and my partner and our 10 year old son . What a great experience - all of them really enjoyed it and I did as well as a passenger - We were all buzzing when we finished. The instructors are so lovely and such a great bunch of blokes . Love to come back and try it myself one day and my son when he is old enough to drive the tank.

    sharon henshaw


    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 18, 2017

  • Stuart Sinclair
    Did the 'Lads and Dad's experience and it was fantastic. The Wife joined us for £20 and we all had a great time. Alex (our instructor) really made the day also with his enthusiasm, knowledge and approach to our 8 year old. For a day out with a difference I can't recomend this highly enough. Stuart Sinclair

    Stuart Sinclair

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 18, 2017

  • Sean, Jake & Lauren
    Had the Dads and Lads experience bought for us by my daughter; absolutely fantastic afternoon! Driving a tank at top speed with the kids screaming out of the top was awesome! Watching them aim, load and fire the gun together was brilliant! Lots of thanks to Shane and the gang for a hilarious time; even got to reverse park the tank. The museum was great too - even Wifey enjoyed it. :O thoroughly recommended....

    Sean, Jake & Lauren

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 13, 2017

  • Steve Thomas
    Great day out. Tank paintballing was an xmas present for myself and my brother in law. Site was easy to find, and after checking in we went to the museum, which is excellent. Tank paintballing was great fun, thanks to Dan and the lovely Lucy who acted as our loader. Great day out for all ages.

    Steve Thomas

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 11, 2017

  • Val Frost
    A 70th birthday present from my son and daughter in law.(I never know what to expect next). I had to cancel the booking for 3rd Sept due to unforseen circumstances. However the girl on reception was so polite and wonderful she booked me on following day to save having to travel again Well what a great gift, from arrival my partner and I were met with smiling and helpful people, a trip around museum was really interesting. Finally it was time, I was met by David my instuctor, who was so professional and informative, ensuring we were aware of all safety issues, and the history of the tank. More importantly I was reassured I was in safe hands tackling a 7 ton beast . It was a fabulous experience, which I recommend to anyone who is stuck on what to give as a gift or just as a treat to yourself....I am pleased to say neither cows nor a mother pheasant out for a stroll with her babies. Thanks again Armourgeddon and David

    Val Frost

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 9, 2017

  • Phil Stone
    Had a great day to celebrate my 70th birthday. I thought the photos that you took were excellent and well worth it. Dave our instructor looked after us very well and helped the old novice very well and made it a special day.

    Phil Stone

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 5, 2017

  • Daniel Sapier
    We were a group of five on a Stag Do and did the Archery/Air Rifle combi followed by the Tank Paintball experience with Rich. He was enthusiastic and competitive, whilst remaining laid back and ready to answer any questions. We handed two of the group off to Dave for the Tank Paintballing and with three per vehicle, everyone had a chance to drive, aim and load/fire before the battle commenced. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and I'm sure we'll be back for more - it's worth the journey and the price tag. There's a museum on-site that you can walk round in about half an hour with artefacts and tanks from WWII and beyond. Thanks for everything, guys!

    Daniel Sapier

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 5, 2017

  • Jon
    Absolutely excellent fun and experience for me and 11 year old grandson. And well done Alex - brilliant support and banter. The museum is very good too.


    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 5, 2017

  • Neville Mayes
    Great experience. Professional management with highest regard to health and safety. I was able to drive around both tracks and was recommended for my driving. Many thanks to my personal instructor - Stuart..

    Neville Mayes

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 4, 2017

  • David Holloway
    Had a brilliant day on my tank driving experience ! Dave my instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend this to anybody for a enjoyable day out.

    David Holloway

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 4, 2017

  • Joshua Talib
    Eleven of us embarked on the challenge of Tank Battles at Armourgeddon for my mate's stag-do! The whole activity was absolutely brilliant! From learning to drive a tank to battling out with our friends, we couldn't of asked for anything more. The event went down really well, the staff were super-friendly. Thank you Armourgeddon for an enjoyable afternoon!

    Joshua Talib

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 4, 2017

  • Carl Vincent-Squibb
    A big thank you to Richard for making dad's 80th birthday gift extra special. Dad had a fantastic time with his tank driving experience, the last time he drove one was 60 years ago when he was in the REME. It was a great day out which we all enjoyed and dad has not stopped talking about it. Once again a big thank you to Richard.

    Carl Vincent-Squibb

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 2, 2017

  • Mervyn Phillips
    Had a brilliant and a most enjoyable experience a gift from my wife. Very friendly atmosphere and good fun, would recommend this experience to both young and old. Had an aircraft flying experience last year and this equaled it.

    Mervyn Phillips

    Who rated us 5/5, Sep 1, 2017

  • kim reynolds
    Had a great birthday present experience. Dan the instructor was very informative and added to the event. It was a lifetime want now fulfilled. Thanks

    kim reynolds

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 22, 2017

  • Judith Peace
    This tank driving experience was given to me by my work colleagues for my 60th birthday - they knew my bucket list included driving \'something big\'! Two of them were brave enough to be my passengers! Well, what an absolutely fantastic time we all had. We were made to feel so welcome and my instructor was brilliant - I was a little nervous when it came to me taking control of the tank but his expertise gave me the confidence to drive the tank and enjoy it to the full! I\'m going to do it again without a doubt. I have recommended the experience to a number of friends, saying if you\'d like to drive a tank, do it!! WELL DONE AND THANK YOU ARMOURGEDDON

    Judith Peace

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 21, 2017

  • Dean
    Best day ever! Can not wait to do it again, cheers Shane owe you a beer ????


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 21, 2017

  • Ian Gillman
    What an amazing experience!!. Driving a tank was fabulous and the instructor was so informative. I was surprised I had so much time driving. The instructor (Matt?) was great and after a short orientation trip, popped me into the driving seat . Nobody is pressing visitor to step outside of their comfort zone and safety is managed well without becoming a barrier. I loved every second and all visitors should give enough time for the museum too. A brilliant day!

    Ian Gillman

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 21, 2017

  • Anna Gadd
    My husband bought me the tank paintball session for my birthday. I had a fantastic time! The staff are very friendly. If you are reading these trying to decide if it is a good idea for a gift... Definitely!

    Anna Gadd

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 21, 2017

  • Neil Burton
    We went on Saturday 19-08-2017 me my wife and my 13 year old son . Dan was our tutor. We had a fantastic time in the dads and lads experience Dan was very helpful and made everything very easy , my wife was a passenger and I was supposed to drive but my lad was given the chance and he absolutely had the time of his life . Great value for money an experience my lad will remember for a long long time a great insite to what solders endured. We came home and my lad insisted on watching the movie FURY . A great day was had by all would recommend it to anyone old and young alike . Thanks again .

    Neil Burton

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 21, 2017

  • George Appleby
    What a great time all round. All the staff were friendly and helpful setting the correct atmosphere for a fun but safe time. Loads to see in the well laid out museum section before and after the tank driving. The actual tank drive started with a very professional briefing [Thank You Alex] regarding the vehicle and all safety aspects. Clear instructions throughout - couldn\'t fault it. The optional photos are a must for what I am confident will be happy memories.

    George Appleby

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 20, 2017

  • Capt (ret) ALAN HARPER
    As a present for my Birthday my lovely wife arranged a tank driving experience, We had the most fantastic time, the instructor Matt was first class, The whole team were friendly and helpful. The experience is amazing and having worked out of the back in the past fulfilled an ambition to drive one. Recommend 100% Thanks guys

    Capt (ret) ALAN HARPER

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 14, 2017

  • Stuart Rogers
    I had bought a tank driving experience for my wife\'s 50th birthday. I would like to thank all the staff at Armourgeddon for making this experience so special. My wife can not stop telling everyone about it. She can't wait to go back and have a go at tank paintball.

    Stuart Rogers

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 12, 2017

  • Jordan Green
    Awesome Day! 16th birthday present which to date has been one of the best days ever. Dave, our instructor was excellent at giving clear, precise instructions and also had a great sense of humour which instantly put me at ease. Will definitely return. Highly recommended!

    Jordan Green

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 10, 2017

  • Paul Kelly
    Just the best day I've had in years, I'm still smiling now after two weeks, highly recommend it, the staff are really helpful and friendly and afterwards if you like military things there is a really good museum to look round, all in all it is a fantastic day out, where else can you drive a tank and shoot at another tank. Planning to go back next year. Thanks Armourgeddon you made a 51yr old feel like a kid again. 12/10

    Paul Kelly

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 9, 2017

  • Jacky Sutcliffe
    I was the passenger and my husband drove. He suffered a stroke a number of years ago and had some difficulty getting into the tank and moving around inside but his instructor,Aaron, was very patient and helpful with him. Thank you.

    Jacky Sutcliffe

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 8, 2017

  • Mark and Cheryl
    August 2017 . Purchased a Dads and lads tank experience as a present for the wife. A bit unusual perhaps but she had a great day and has not stopped talking about it since . Our instructor, Louis was very patient and full of useful information and history points. He certainly helped to make the experience. Great fun for the lads but don't forget the girls love this stuff too.

    Mark and Cheryl

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 8, 2017

  • John S
    My good friends paid for me to have the tank driving taster for my 60th birthday. Previously I have enjoyed events including fast cars and adrenalin activities. I was not sure what it would be like but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. It was great to control these machines, a unique experience driving something that you would not normally get close to never mind inside. The instructor (Roger) made it a great time for me and our friends husband who joined me on the afternoon. It will be difficult to come up with something this good.

    John S

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 7, 2017

  • Emma Willmer
    My Husband brought me a Tank Driving experience for my 30th which is something I\'ve bugged him for for a while. I had my experience yesterday and my instructor Matt went above and beyond for me. He took some photos and videos of me driving on my phone , we even did an extra lap as we had a \"hill issue\"????. He also went above and beyond with my little boy who fell over and he let him sit in the tank, picked him up and took him around to show him some other bits which he loved. I could not recommend these guys enough and I\'m already saving up for my next adventure... Tank Paintball experience. ???? Thank you for an amazing day!X

    Emma Willmer

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 7, 2017

  • Eli
    Really enjoyed my afternoon! Dave was a fantastic instructor and explained everything beautifully. Highly recommended.


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 7, 2017

  • Chris Burn
    Spent the day here for my brothers stag do and everyone enjoyed themselves with many a laugh and memory had. From the moment I first rang to the day of the event the staff were amazing, friendly and helpful. Special thanks goes to Tracy and Darren for helping organise the day.

    Chris Burn

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 6, 2017

    It was raining hard when I got to the site but instructor Dan put me at ease. He went through the health & safety talk and explained everything to me. It was a bit noisy at first but I got used to that quickly. It was suprisely agile for a machine of that size. It slides quite easily as you turn on the slopes. Dan put the hatch down for 1 lap but it very hard to see out through the site glass My final circuit was with the hatch open and I went for it, mud everywhere. Highly recommended.


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 2, 2017

  • Craig Smith
    Excellent experience 3 of us went round for the first lap with the instructor then went round with separate tanks and instructors, Second lap the seat is lowered and the hatch closed and you drive looking through the periscope which feels really weird. 3rd lap you choose if you want the hatch up or down. Very good instructors and friendly staff,Great museum, would recommend this to anyone who fancies driving something different.

    Craig Smith

    Who rated us 4/5, Aug 1, 2017

  • Morgan
    I had this brought for my 16th birthday and I had an epic day. Lucky for me it poured of rain beforehand so was nice and muddy and slippery. I drove the tank for 3 laps and my instructor Jack was great. Got to bring home so cool photos of the day that they took during my experience. Would highly recommend it. Gift shop could do with being extended and maybe t-shirts having picture of tank on them. 9/10.


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 1, 2017

  • Trish Playfor
    I got this for my husbands Christmas prezzie, and it was the best present ever, he had a fantastic time. and now wants to do the tank paint balling. That\'s next Christmas prezzie sorted. LOL

    Trish Playfor

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 1, 2017

  • Gail Patching
    was bought a taster day for my birthday, absolutely loved it, got to start up and set off and drive with the hatch down. a tick off my bucket list, our instructor was lovely and the day was unforgettable. I will be back again,

    Gail Patching

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 31, 2017

  • Kay
    This was bought for my 50th and I absolutely loved it! Gareth the instructor was fantastic and really made the experience one to remember. I have already recommended this to friends. Thanks for a fab day :).


    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 31, 2017

  • Ron Mayne
    I came to Armourgeddon as a treat from my wife and daughter who bought it for me for my birthday. I drove, they sat in the turret and it was a great time, lots of fun and Alex, my instructor made sure we all enjoyed our visit. All very friendly and helpful and most professionally done. Many thanks for making our day special!! 10 out of 10.

    Ron Mayne

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 31, 2017

  • Bruce
    Great event that I would recommend to anyone. Not what I expected at all, but much better


    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 31, 2017

  • Daran
    Thanks for a great day out - the rain made it even more fun. Charlie now wants a tank for our garden....


    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 31, 2017

  • Nick Poole
    Yesterday we took a friend of ours, Gerry Wells, aged 92 and who served in the Sherwood Rangers in Sherman Tanks during the war, to Amourgeddon. We cannot praise or recommend Armourgeddon and their staff enough. They really rolled out the red carpet and could not have done more. Gerry was treated like a king and spent 45 minutes sitting in the Sherman, bringing back years of memories. He was then treated to a ride around the tank track which was the icing on top of the cake for him. What a very, very special day this was for an \'Old Warrior\'. A fantastically huge "Thank You" to Amourgeddon and especially to Stuart, Daran and Alex. You guys run a truly wonderful experience that suits all ages. Your museum is a 'must' for a visit and you should rightly be very proud of it. We will definitely be back and Gerry can\'t wait to return. Thanks to you all for an absolutely wonderful day in a very special place with great people.

    Nick Poole

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 26, 2017

  • Rob C
    Fantastic, the guys & girls are amazing, nothing is to much trouble, instruction is very clear, if tanks are your thing..... then give this a go.

    Rob C

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 24, 2017

  • Gail Nicholls
    I booked a tank driving experience for my husband. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The team were very friendly and were very knowledgeable. I would recommend this activity to anyone.

    Gail Nicholls

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 24, 2017

  • Peter Gibbs
    Can't recommend highly enough! A great present from my wife, made fantastic by the friendly team. Not every day you can say you drove a tank! Good job Armourgeddon, can't wait to come back!

    Peter Gibbs

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 20, 2017

  • Simon Ralphs
    Had a great session big thanks to Shane for taking the time to make the Dads and lads experience the best it could be for my son and I. Fantastic fun wish I had an FV432 at home.

    Simon Ralphs

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 18, 2017

  • Randall
    booked a dads and lads experience for my sons 30th birthday and for my husbands wedding anniversary presents,both had a wonderful and enjoyable afternoon and instructor Rob was great with my son who has learning disabilities.A thoroughly great day and CD full of pics to remember the day .Would recommend this to anyone.


    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 25, 2017

  • Aled Davies
    Lads and Dads experience - we both had an absolutely fantastic time. Our instructor (Dave) explained everything superbly including the history of the tank and how everything worked, and then made sure we were both completely happy before we did anything. He made a great effort ensuring my son was comfortable and enjoying the experience. We both left thoroughly enthused and already planning our next trip back !

    Aled Davies

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 19, 2017

  • Ninetta Reindl and Graham Chapman
    What a glorious activity, what a great instructor (David), what perfect weather, and what a blast. We would recommend this gift, or if you just want to treat yourself, to EVERYBODY. The extended route was great fun and the pictures taken of us on the course were lovely. Many thanks Armourgeddon for a great experience. Graham & Ninetta 18 June 2017

    Ninetta Reindl and Graham Chapman

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 18, 2017

  • Nick Poole
    We booked, at short notice, a 'Tank Driving Experience' for my brother-in-law who was visiting from the Channel Islands. He has learning difficulties but leads a very independent life. He was totally blown away with his experience and really enjoyed the whole event. The Staff were absolutely fantastic and so sympathetic and we cannot thank them enough. Brother-in-law is going home a VERY happy man. We would recommend the Armourgeddon Experience to everyone. Well done guys and a huge 'Thank You'. 10 out of 10 and we\'ll definitely be back..

    Nick Poole

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 15, 2017

  • Jeff Lester
    What a fantastic couple of hours! After getting togged up in our overalls and crash helmet we were taken to our tank where the instructor briefed us on safety and the history of the tank, then we were off! We took turns driving the tank with the hatch open, then with it closed. For me, being 5' 11" and wearing spectacles driving was difficult as the drivers\' helmet kept hitting the hatch, forcing my glasses to push down on my nose, so be warned. Nevertheless it was great. Then we took turns at loading then aiming the gun. As I was the only one to hit 3/3 targets (and the driving issue) we agreed that I would be aiming the gun in the 'battle'. The other 2 then agreed on what they were doing, then we were off again to do 'battle'. Well, we ended up with 11/12 hits so we won! An absolutely great experience and I'd love to work there!

    Jeff Lester

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 8, 2017

  • David Baxter
    What a brilliant brilliant day highly recommended for everyone. Friendly staff lots to look at will certainly do it all again and next time my wife wants to have ago. The weather couldn't have been better. Thank you to all the team

    David Baxter


    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 7, 2017

  • Sally Williams
    Loved it. Great day out with friends. An experience that catered for all of us in the party - young and old!

    Sally Williams

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 7, 2017

  • Mike Hartley
    Still cant get the grin off my face after 4 days Everyone was made welcome and our instructor was brilliant,very patient and knowledgeable. Recommending this unique experience to everybody, Go around the Museum twice as you do miss some of the smaller exhibits Only gripe no coffee cup holder

    Mike Hartley

    Frama UK Ltd

    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 7, 2017

  • Paul
    It was amazing - unlike anything I\'ve ever done... can we do it again?\" was the quote of a 10 year old following our tank experience this weekend. From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome and, although early, before we knew it Matt our instructor got us under way. His calm, friendly, professional enthusiastic manner added to the overall experience which was enjoyed much more than expected. Clearly the whole team enjoy what they do! The experience itself was well constructed from the intro; kitting up; to tank driving; to firing the guns and was perfect for us novices. We booked last minute with ease. Great museum to enjoy too. A unique \'good value\' experience. Thank you all - we will return....


    Who rated us 5/5, Jun 7, 2017

  • gene
    my third trip on the tank battles and second time with visitors from usa. they both loved the experience noting that 'there is nothing like this in usa.' noted the positive changes like now you get 12 shots in tank battle and much expanded vehicle fleet. only negative change was i thought we got to drive all the way around with hatch open and then all around with hatch shut. only got halfway around in each mode this time. completely recommend to all, our opponents were college age, 2 women and a guy. at least, we tied them. will be returning soon. great job, guys.


    Who rated us 5/5, May 31, 2017

  • Eddie G.
    What a great day. All the staff we met were very welcoming and nothing was too much trouble. Alex, our instructor, was very considerate which made the whole experience, for me and my party, hugely enjoyable. Would thoroughly recommend this activity and this company to anyone.

    Eddie G.

    Who rated us 5/5, May 22, 2017

  • Mike Weatherhead
    I absolutely loved it! A full two hours of driving a tank, loading the paint cannon and firing the gun, topped by a one-on-one tank battle. A properly professional setup - the instructors know exactly what they\'re doing everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I'm recommending them to all my friends - well worth the drive from Cardiff.

    Mike Weatherhead

    Who rated us 5/5, May 22, 2017

  • Dick
    A great experience, the instructor was friednly and helpful, ground underfoot slushy and wet. The tank handled really well - we had a blast!


    Who rated us 5/5, May 22, 2017

  • Sue
    Great day out. Bought the experience as a birthday present for my partner. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Sean, our instructor, was knowledgeable and very patient when I nearly took out a compressor! Would recommend this experience to friends, family, colleagues, etc.


    Who rated us 5/5, May 22, 2017

  • Susie Phillips
    What a fantastic experience, our instructor Heather was awesome, it was her first solo instructing after passing the test & you couldn't tell she was brilliant and super enthusiastic. We reckon she deserves a discount so she can buy the Centurion!! Highly recommend coming here super friendly & smoothly operated nothing was a problem. They were great in office when had mishap on route for our first date booked. Thank you loads your all fab.

    Susie Phillips

    Who rated us 5/5, May 22, 2017

  • Matthew Martin
    Fantastic Day out.. Paul our instructor, was knowledgeable, and explained everything so easy, we had a great time, driving the tank was an unforgettable experience, a thoroughly enjoyable day.. All the staff were so helpful, and the museum is a great little extra to walk around whilst you are waiting or after you trip. An all round great day. Thank you :)

    Matthew Martin

    Who rated us 5/5, May 21, 2017

  • David Crabbe
    Got it bought for my 60th birthday, went back to my army dayS. Brilliant activity, great day out for all. Go enjoy yourself do something different

    David Crabbe

    Who rated us 5/5, May 17, 2017

  • Terry Thompson
    Ambition became reality! Given to me as birthday present. Was somewhat apprehensive beforehand, but it was a wonderful experience. Excellent instructor. Museum well worth a visit too. Thank you.

    Terry Thompson

    Who rated us 5/5, May 16, 2017

  • Ben Pattison
    Airsoft with armoured vehicles do I need to say anymore!! Awesome day 10/10. Friendly staff, good lunch included and varied games. Would highly recommend.

    Ben Pattison

    Who rated us 5/5, May 16, 2017

  • bamber
    Bought 3 experience vouchers for my sons, such a good buy and were thoroughly enjoyed. Great Place , easily found. Good car parking , nice little basic café for drinks, snacks & small selection of sandwiches in a glassed viewing area. Dogs only allowed in the car park area. Good outdoor viewing area with seating. Museum was an unexpected find - we were all mesmerised, well worth a visit . Tank driving was , I am reliably informed, was an amazing experience and the instructors were good fun and knowledge All in all , just brilliant Wish we lived closer as we would be back in a heart beat


    Who rated us 5/5, May 16, 2017

  • Lesley Cleaton
    Quite simply, the best experience ever. Driving a tank is great fun. The staff were lovely and helpful.

    Lesley Cleaton

    Who rated us 5/5, May 16, 2017

  • Roger Skillen
    Great day out celebrating my birthday with my son. Brilliant instructors. Very safety conscious. Time flew by. Definitely worth making time to view the museum. Would definitely recommend this.

    Roger Skillen

    Who rated us 5/5, May 16, 2017

  • Mike Rock
    Had a fantastic time,Matt (my instructor)was great and fun.the tanks were easy to get to grips with.the museum had a great collection of different vehicles.my wife bought me this experience for my birthday,I would totally recommend this

    Mike Rock

    Who rated us 5/5, May 13, 2017

  • David Blenkley
    Went Tank Driving for my 30th, was an absolutely brilliant day. Very friendly staff and instructor. The fact I could have two passengers along made the experience even better. Long Drive from North Wales but highly recommend it! The museum was a pleasant surprise with some very nice pieces on display. Brilliant day out had by all.

    David Blenkley

    Who rated us 5/5, May 10, 2017

  • Hugh Lord
    I bought the paintball experience for my two sons birthday, aged 50 and 51 and they both thoroughly enjoyed it. They were very impressed with the instructor and we all enjoyed the museum which had some wonderful exhibits. Would recommend it to anyone.

    Hugh Lord

    Who rated us 5/5, May 10, 2017

  • Laurie Booth
    Fantastic time, driving, shooting loading the gun. Excellent training great \"Battle\" at the end, I hit the enemy tank 11 times out of 12 shots. https://youtu.be/Lncs92HBiWU

    Laurie Booth

    Who rated us 5/5, May 10, 2017

  • Roy Morris
    Well I turned up on 6th May along with my mother (aged 77) and my Fiancée Sylvia. Never been before and with the help of my phone Satnav we managed to find Armageddon. On arrival we were met by very friendly staff, Shane introduced himself to us all. He was the member of staff allocated to me. Although I\'m over 6\' 2\" Shane told me about the history of the tank, once I\'d managed to squeeze my frame into the driving seat, this involved me climbing through the tank, lifting myself out of the hatch to get my over 3\' long legs. One circuit round the course and then it\'s driving with the hatch down, letterbox viewing wasn\'t easy as I\'m somewhat above where this is located. Driving down the hill was a great experience, as was the climb out on the other side. Must say that it was a fabulous time, experienced in such a short time the sensation on just how difficult it would be to be in one of these for a long time. To recap, I would recommend this to anyone.

    Roy Morris

    Who rated us 5/5, May 9, 2017

  • Diane Ryder
    My husband bought me this experience for a Christmas present, and I wasn\'t looking forward to it at all. What a fabulous time we had, we went to the museum which we both enjoyed, and I LOVED my tank experience. I wasn\'t prepared to drive it , but I ended up loving it. The instructor was really kind and encouraging and I felt at ease, sorry, I forgot his name . All in all an unique and very enjoyable experience, which I would recommend to anyone. Thank you

    Diane Ryder

    Who rated us 5/5, May 9, 2017

  • Allan Ritson
    Excellent morning, friendly staff on arrival, and the instructor made the driving of the AFV very pleasant experience which just flew by. Will do it again.

    Allan Ritson

    Who rated us 5/5, May 9, 2017

  • Mark
    Fantastic day out great experience and friendly staff. My smile was ironed on for the rest of the day


    Who rated us 5/5, May 9, 2017

  • Andrea Grew
    I had this as a 50th Birthday present, as since i was little i had always wanted to drive a tank.. what a brill day.. nervous to start but put well at ease with loads of encouragement - i even had the hatch down and i\'m clostrophobic! and reversed into parking slot - well impressed, thanks to everyone there for giving me a memory i will cherish.

    Andrea Grew

    Who rated us 5/5, May 9, 2017

  • Keith
    What a fantastic time I had, great staff well organised and a complete treat, the museum a great surprise, and driving the tank, amazing. Cant put into words how much I enjoyed my Xmas pesent. The CD (£20 worth every penny) is a great reminder of a great day.


    Who rated us 5/5, May 9, 2017

  • Liam
    Awesome day.. turnt up didnt even know about the museum which had some really interesting bits of history to look at.. staff were great had a couple of lads alex and paul explaining how it all works and abit of history about the tanks themselves as well as future ideas for the place. Was a very memorable day and will deffenitly be visiting again :)


    Who rated us 5/5, May 6, 2017

  • Debbie Rothera
    Had a fabulous morning at the Tank Driving experience which I booked for my Husband\'s 50th birthday. The staff on site were really friendly. My husband got to drive the tank himself, with the assistance of our Instructor Jack. Excellent really good fun. I ended up being a passenger (originally I was just going to spectate!). So glad I joined In too so I could share the experience... not that I could hear anything where I was sat, however i felt totally safe

    Debbie Rothera

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 15, 2016

    where else on this planet, or the known universe can an ordinary everyday man and wife obtain a chance to drive and experiance, driving a TANK. with or without a periscope? watch out for the sheep. stuborn little creatures. loved every minute . and as for the museum.... very profetional exibits. next time my brother arrives from ozz, i will be coming back , as he served time in ireland during the troubles , and drove the'PIg', and in the 70,s during the firemans strike he was dutied to drive the green godess, also a keen collector of American and German WW11. militaria, well worth the visit , thoroughly recommended. wish it was running durung snow, now that would be interesting...


    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 10, 2016

  • Mandy Hill
    20th October at 10am lovely experience and matt was very patient with me. thank the lady who did the booking was also very helpful and understanding. I definitely recommend this tank experience to my family and friends. from Mandy

    Mandy Hill

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 10, 2016

  • Vince
    Really enjoyed the experience with my instructor Charles, who was very informative. Positive aspect that the site had arranged for the sheep to invade the field! The museum was a bonus. Even though I could not convince my wife to be a passenger in the tank it was enjoyable experience.


    Who rated us 4/5, Nov 10, 2016

  • Luke Holdom
    The tank driving was very enjoyable and instructor Matt was helpful and informative and apparently, I didn't scare him either! We all enjoyed the museum too especially my 6 year old son. I would definitely recommend the driving experience to friends (and I had absolutely no idea there was such a thing as tank paintball.........)

    Luke Holdom

    Who rated us 5/5,

  • Lynn Williams
    Visited 22/10. Had a great time on the lads and dads experience, I also paid the £20 and joined them! Matt was great with my husband and little son (only 8) and made the experience really good. We were surprised to have the tank to just the 3 of us and felt that the length of time in the tank was perfect, we had wondered if we would just get a few minutes, but they certainly weren't tight on this front. The museum was also better than I expected and my son was in ore at the size of some of the tanks. Photos were great and not the usual rip off. Really pleased with the experience. Made a lovely birthday treat for my hubby. Thanks again.

    Lynn Williams

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 5, 2016

  • NEC Group Safety Team
    The day was an absolute blast. Us ladies had a right good giggle with Jack (our boss started it!), the guys had fun shooting paintballs at us but were disappointed it was a draw. The Armourgeddon Team throughout the process were always helpful and made the process very easy. It was recommended to us and we will pass the recommendation on. Thank you to everyone involved.

    NEC Group Safety Team

    NEC Group

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 4, 2016

  • Stanislaw Przylipiak
    Visited on the 23/10/2016 and had a brilliant time. From the moment you walk in you are greeted by friendly helpful staff. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the Tank drive experienced and would not hesitate in recommending a visit even if you’re not interested in military. A message to those thinking about a visit, don’t think, pick up your phone or book on line. A big thanks to Stuart my instructor and my family for making my day special. Keep up the good work guys, hope you have many years ahead of you and in the words of Arnie “I’ll be back” Thanks again and best wishes. Stan P (Manchester)

    Stanislaw Przylipiak

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 4, 2016

  • Paul
    "Well what an Xmas present". I forgot about it and found the card. Thinking that the season finished. I rang and sorted a date still not knowing what i had let myself in for.. 'FUN" you must go and try. From been tbe loader to the driver been under instruction from a well trained instructor. Giving you confidence to have a go. I enjoyed every moment of the few hours i had spent at Armergeden. Go on, have some "FUN in the mud"..... Paul Tabor


    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 4, 2016

  • Verna K
    Had a fandabidozee time. Instructor (Jack) was brill. Amazing experience given to me as Christmas Pressie last year - and very much appreciated. Can\'t wait to return and do the 4 vehicle drive AND an absolute MUST .... the tank paintballing. So ... as Arnie would say ... "I'll be back." LOL LOL. 10+/10

    Verna K

    Vista Limousines & Events

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 3, 2016

  • Maxime
    Une expérience des plus intéressantes et unique en son genre ! J'ai été bien accueilli par le moniteur qui s'est efforcé de bien se faire comprendre. Tout s'est passé très vite et j'ai apprécié chaque instant ! Merci


    Who rated us 4/5, Nov 3, 2016

  • Sarah
    Treated my partner to a tank driving experience for his 70th birthday.As he was an ex tank driver several years ago and had fond memory\'s l hoped he would enjoy this? All expectations where better than even first thought.staff very friendly , professionally run, didn\'t stop talking about it for days,thank you


    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 3, 2016

  • Glyn
    Very enjoyable all round - I attended for a Tank Driving experience with two passengers, my sons aged 12 and 16. We were looked after very well. The instructor was friendly, knowledgeable and knew how to make the whole event enjoyable for everyone, not just the driver - for instance, my youngest was delighted to be put in the Commander\'s place for the first trip round the course. The museum was also a good experience - it is larger than it appears from outside and has been thoughtfully laid out. The film on show managed to captivate my 12 year old, who has no interest in history ordinarily, and we all sat through the entire show. Would recommend to any like-minded people


    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 3, 2016

  • Colette
    I bought the Tank Experience for my husband for his birthday. He had a fantastic time, I\'ve never seen him grin so much. I\'m sure he will be back to do it again, it was money well spent and yes we got the T Shirt too and all the photos on disc. The Museum is well worth seeing too. Thanks to all the staff for making his birthday special.


    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 3, 2016

  • Jonathan
    Absolutely fantastic - came here with a friend for an 18th birthday present and now want to go again. Next time it will be with a group of friends for the tank paintball experience - can\'t wait.


    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 2, 2016

  • Nigel Tasker
    My daughter and son in law bought me a voucher for driving a tank for my birthday. Had a fantastic time thanks to Stuart and the team. A very well organised experience and great fun. Have already recommended the day to other friends.

    Nigel Tasker

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 1, 2016

  • Lisa
    I was a little apprehensive about my tank experience. I can say however that it very much surpassed expectation, we were looked after really well and I was put at ease. The instructor was really good and I had a fantastic time. Thank you for an enjoyable afternoon.


    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 3, 2016

  • Jane Colebourn
    Best day out ever! We did tank paintballing and the military driving and loved every single second. The staff were brilliant and I would recommend this company to anyone.

    Jane Colebourn

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 3, 2016

  • Lindsey Parnell
    Came here with two of my sons. Brilliant day. Well organised and more fun than expected. Highly recommended

    Lindsey Parnell

    Who rated us 5/5, Nov 3, 2016

  • Claire Hickling
    Brought my boyfriend here for a tank driving experience for his 40th birthday present & had a fantastic time. Thanks to Luke for being a great instructor.

    Claire Hickling

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 29, 2016

  • Simon Bourbage
    Amazing experience driving a tank I never realised how easy it is. I had big smile on my all after. My instructor was very friendly and helpful his name is Richard please thank him again for me. This is something I\'ll never forget and now I want to have a go at driviingredients more and I will be back again I thoroughly recommend Armourgeddon Thankyou for a great time.

    Simon Bourbage

    Who rated us 5/5, Oct 17, 2016

  • Thank you & the team for a fantastic day, I had a great time & my instructor Jack was great, Thank you for a great day, and I will be coming back. Tank Driving Experience - 14th Sept 2016

    John Griffiths

    Who rated us 5/5,

  • Rui Martins
    I went there with my team of 17 people (from Facebook). We all had an absolutely amazing time!! Driving, loading, aiming and firing the cannon of a real war tank is not a thing one gets to do every day. Cherry on top of the cake - giving us the chance to do a 1v1 against another tank full of work colleagues was awesome. The instructors were also very welcoming and knowledgeable which made the experience even better. Finally, before leaving we took a look at the war museum they have with lots more war vehicles and weapons. Definitely one of the best team off-sites I've ever been to.

    Rui Martins


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 15, 2016

  • B Moss
    My son had a fantastic time on his 21st birthday at Armourgeddon. He drove a tank, and he scored several good hits on target. I would recommend the experience to anyone who wants to have a good time.

    B Moss

    Who rated us 4/5, Aug 6, 2016

  • Jim
    My wife and son arranged a go on a tank for me as a birthday treat and I amended the booking for us all to have a go. We all had a brilliant time thanks to expert and patient instruction from Darren. Would definitely recommend it.


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 5, 2016

  • Godfrey Law
    I was given a voucher by my family to enable me to drive a tank and it was one of the best gifts they could have got for me. It was amazing. The instructor was brilliant, informative and very patient. Sadly it was over too soon. The tank museum was an added bonus. I enjoyed it so much, I intend returning for a two hour experience, where I can also fight tank battles. Thank you for a great day!

    Godfrey Law

    Who rated us 4/5, Aug 4, 2016

  • Shane Harrison
    I was bought a tank paintball battle experience as a present and paid to take a family member along as a passenger on the tank. The experience was simply amazing. The staff were excellent, friendly, helpful. the vehicle amazing to drive and the museum of tanks and weapons was exceptional. There\'s even a T34 from ww2 onsite. Without a doubt the best experience-present I\'ve ever had and I would recommend it to anyone with either an interest in tanks or history, or simply looking for a days adventure. It was a wonderful day out........ Shane Harrison

    Shane Harrison

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 2, 2016

  • Sara Ward
    This was a present for my 40th as I had always wanted to drive a tank and you certainly didn\'t disappoint!! This was so much fun, I have asked for another voucher for my next birthday, all staff were great and the museum and added bonus. Have been recommending this experience to everyone as I challenge anyone not to love it!!! Thanks for a great afternoon

    Sara Ward

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 2, 2016

  • Gary mulley
    Went for the archery /riffles. Really enjoyed the experience. Would like to try other activities.

    Gary mulley

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 2, 2016

  • Rose
    I bought the tank paintballing experiences for my two sons (21 & 26) they absolutely loved the whole experience and said they would definitely do it again. As a spectator, I wondered if Amourgeddon had considered a live feed to the cafe area so we can watch the \'battles\' on a screen as they take place? Would definitely recommend Amourgeddon, the lads said their Marshall was brilliant. A great day out for us all, we have great photos taken by Amourgeddon of the day and the museum is worth a look around too.


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 2, 2016

  • Karen Dell
    Bought the tank driving experience for my partner who is ex military and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Staff were very friendly and the museum was very interesting. Would definitely recommend this product.

    Karen Dell

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 2, 2016

  • Christine Fleming
    Thank you for a superb day, the whole experience was great from start to finish , our instructor Jack made the event fun for all, ensured everyone understood the safety drills but kept the whole process entertaining and enjoyable....a great ambassador for your company. I would recommend the event to anybody as a great, fun experience.

    Christine Fleming

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 2, 2016

  • Peter D
    My son received a paintball and tank paintball gift for his 18th birthday. My daughter also had archery,air rifle and paintballing for her 13th birthday. Both said it was the best birthday present ever. Had a fantastic day and cannot recommend it highly enough. Thanks to everyone at Armourgeddon for making their day extra special.

    Peter D

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 2, 2016

  • Stephen W
    We visited on a Stag party for 11 guys in July 2016 and had an epic time in the Tank paintball battle experience in 3 of the APCs. Booking was easy though must be done early. A massive adrenaline boost as you bounce around a course with the hatches first open so you can see the world, then battened down so you\'re driving in the dark looking through a letter box. We also had 2 passengers in our group, and they got to sit up top as we rode around. After some practice on the shooting range with static targets we battened down the hatches and turned the paintball cannons on each other in the paintball battle. The instructor commander Louie (great guy who had excellent banter and took us through the controls), shouting commands to try and land hits on our mates opposite. The museum was also well worth a look, particularly if you have an interest in military paraphernalia, with a range of tanks you can get up close to.

    Stephen W

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 1, 2016

  • Nick
    I arranged the tank battle for the stag and 8 others. I can only say that everything was brilliant. The stag got two goes due to numbers which was an added bonus but he and all of us enjoyed our day. Dan our instructor was spot on explaining everything. Not everybody can say they have driven a tank but we were all a happy group which set the rest of the day up. Thanks again.


    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 1, 2016

  • Ian Scholey
    We were a party of 7 and had a fantastic time - our instructors were in no rush and we all had the opportunity to try everything. Great value and we will be back!

    Ian Scholey

    Who rated us 5/5, Aug 1, 2016

  • Bert spottiswoode
    Had a brilliant day. Made my day , my grandson got a ride in a tank. Thank you Darren you were a great teacher. Museum was amazing , much more stuff than I was expecting, well worth another visit.

    Bert spottiswoode

    Who rated us 5/5, Jul 17, 2016

  • Denis Appleton
    the kids bought me the tank driving experience for Xmas What a present had a brilliant time in May 22nd Would highly recommend this for all ages over 16

    Denis Appleton

    Who rated us 5/5, May 27, 2016

  • Corinne Eccleston
    Bought my Dad a Tank Driving Voucher for his 75th Birthday - just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the guys there - you made him feel really special and helped him gain confidence with the vehicle as he has had a knee replacement and we were worried about him getting in and out - so big thanks!! In the end my Daughter went as a passenger and she has a brilliant experience with him and we have some lovely pictures to remember such a great day!!! We have recommended you to most of our family and friends or anyone who would listen about the day!! Brilliant place x

    Corinne Eccleston

    Who rated us 5/5, May 16, 2016

  • Michael perkins
    I came for an airsoft event with The team I am in DY Assassins. The event was well organised and the staff all friendly. I had an excellent day even that the weather was so hot. Plenty of tea, coffee and water for the players in the safe zone. I would highly recommend the site to players both new and old to the sport, on the day you will get in various military vehicles and attack your objectives. lunch was fresh made sandwich packet of crisps orange juice and a packet of biscuits was nice and after a quick lunch break back into the games. You have woodland and some open space with various obstacles round both for cover. After the excellent game play we went into the on site museum well worth a look if you are into military vehicles and weapons. To finish big thankyou to all marshals and staff for a very worth while day. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR NEW AND OLD AIRSOFT PLAYERS. thankyou again

    Michael perkins

    Who rated us 5/5, May 9, 2016

  • James Noonan
    Took the wife and kids on a quad safari... the day was awesome and great fun we spent 2 hours getting wet..the 2 instructors were brilliant and gave us a great day to remember.. can\'t wait to go back and try some more activities.

    James Noonan

    Who rated us 5/5, Apr 10, 2016

  • Brilliant day on tank driving, bloody good fun and well organised! The staff are a credit. back next year when the young 'un can drive!!!

    Pete Chander

    Who rated us 5/5,

    Face Book

  • Had a brilliant time, Shane made it very easy and a lot of fun. Am deffinatly thinking of bringing my stag do here. Awsome!

    Emma & Alan

    Who rated us 5/5,

    visitors book.

  • Tried out their ride and tank paintball. Best fun I've had in ages. Cannot recommend it enough. As far as I know this is the only place where you get to climb in and drive, load and shoot in a real "tank" (mocked up, but still close enough :-D) - and for reference the shooting takes place with relatively large paintballs. The driving experience was OK - but the real kicker is the tank paintball - which incidently also include some driving instruction and driving. The instructors are brilliant, with good humor and knowledge about their vehicles, and the collection of armoured vehicles is well worth a quick look in and of itself. The whole place has a "mom and pop" feel, with the crew making you feel welcome. As I've said probably several times - well worth a visit. THIS is what Tankfest should be like :) Site also has paintball, archery etc - have not tried those. Oh, and one last tip: Bring good footwear - tank tracks tends to make a "bit" of mud....

    Vidar N

    Who rated us 5/5,


  • Me and my daughter kate did a tank driving experience on sunday 29th july in memory of my dad and i can honestly say it was brilliant what a eye opener we had such a great time and cant stop talking about it the only thing i regret is we didnt take pics of the staff who are all so friendly and helpful our instructor craig was just so patient and thoughtful GREAT DAY BRILL EXPERIENCE thanx to you all im sure we will be back no doubt family and friends will want to see what all the fuss is about (would it be poss to have a pic please).

    Angela Allinson

    Who rated us 5/5,

    via website

  • Dear Armourgeddon my adult aged 'kids' wish to pass on their thanks for an epic day out on Saturday 25th Great fun and I shall recommend you. special thank you to commander Shane. Photos also brill. Cheers.

    Paul Keetley

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  • What a fantastic experience this is, driving a tank and firing paintballs. You get to drive the decommissioned tanks around a set course whilst two people load and fire the paintballs at another tank!!! The instructors are very friendly and helpful although at team briefing it all gets serious as you prepare for battle. The site also has archery, normal paintballing and driving experiences. There is small outlet to purchase hot drinks and a pork roll. With all places like this there is a photo opportunity for you to purchase your happy memorys. This is a great day out at a good price. I would recommend this to anyone.

    Scott E

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  • Just wanted to say a huge thank you everyone for making my Husband and Son's Day. All so friendly and helpful!! I bought them a Dads and Lads Tank Driving Experience for xmas and they had a ball. They wished they could have repeated it straight away, they will at some point, but not before we have returned early next year for our Sons Birthday Party. i was a very popular Wife and Mum, said it was the best xmas present ever!!!! looking forward to seeing you again. Might even have a go myself next time!!!!

    Carol Haseltine

    Who rated us 5/5, 2015

  • Southfields Farm near Husbands Bosworth, in Leicestershire, is destined to become the port of call for any self-respecting thrill-seeker

    Robert Hardman

    Daily Mail

    Who rated us 5/5, 2014

  • Great day paint balling in woods, so much fun, Awesome staff definitely recommend it !

    Christel Collier

    Who rated us 5/5, 2014


  • Thank you all, and especially Iain, for a wonderful day and for making my Richard's birthday one to truely remember. He has been smiling non-stop since driving the WWII vehicles. Thank you! :)'

    Richard & Loraine

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  • One of my 65th birthday presents was a morning with you guys. I brought along a friend. Absolutely fantastic time. Couldn't have been any better.

    Mike Garrick

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  • Superb fun with big boy's toy's, great instructors. Highly reccomended!'

    Tony, Mark and Eric Hobson

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  • Jenny
    I must say what an amazing day we all had last Wednesday at both of your sites. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and just didn’t stop laughing. The activities were not only unique and will give us all great memories but were hosted superbly by all of the Armourgeddon Team - so thank you so much. (Corporate Event)


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  • We took 8 of our senior managers to Armourgeddon for an afternoon with a difference, and we loved it! The tanks are fascinating and completely authentic and firing paintballs at each other was such a giggle – spirits were high despite the rain. We were well briefed and looked after by the team on site, and although there’s not much space inside those tanks, they were careful to make sure safety was paramount. Teambuilding at it’s very best! Thanks again for a Fab day!

    Nando's corporate event


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