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What can possibly link this list together?

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Posted: 08/01/2015 10:22
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What can possible link Labrinth, Grandmaster Flash, Rowan Atkinson and Mel Gibson? What do Verne Mini-Me Troyer, Kate Middleton, Emile Heskey and James May have in common? At Armourgeddon, we know the answer! Read on to find out more and gain some knowledge for the next Pub Quiz!

Looking at the vast array of guns and riffles we have on display here at Armourgeddon, we thought we would share a couple of our favourites with you this week.

What do Verne Mini-Me Troyer, Grandmaster Flash, Kate Middleton, Emile Heskey and James May have in common? It’s an eclectic bunch. It maybe that they all love the colour orange? It could be that they all hate beetroot or that tank paintball is top of their bucket list…. All those are possible, BUT… what we know to be true is that they all have a birthday in January.

January birthdays are just rubbish. Everyone has had his or her fill of parties, drinking, dancing and frolicking during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Lots have embarked upon the very sensible ‘Dry January’ and are turning their bodies into temples for 31 days. Many are flat broke after a spending spree in December and some are simply fed up of the rest of the population and hibernating when not working for the stretch of the month.

All in all, January birthdays are usually forgotten and void of fun, causing the birthday girl or boy to drop off the social circuit, sulk profusely and not buy any of their mates cards, gifts or even a pint over the next year. Bah Humbug….

So. What to do? How do you treat a January birthday pal, brother, dad, uncle, aunt, sister or mum? What can you buy for the person who had all the socks, smellies, pyjamas, scarves and chocolate that they could possibly need for Christmas? Well, of course, being the most unusual gift providers on the planet, (in our opinion) we have a solution for you!

A gift of an Armourgeddon experience is always appreciated. In fact, all you need to do is pop down and see us on a Saturday afternoon and look at all the smiles on the faces of the people coming off the tanks to know that it is a great days out.

What can your birthday girl or boy expect of an experience at Armourgeddon? Well, we offer taster tank driving experiences from £55 (on offer at this price until the end of January 2015) and Tank Paintball Battles at £85 (again at this price on offer until the end of January 2015). Tank Paintball Battles are our most popular experience event and involve learning to drive a tank around one of the tracks here at Armourgeddon- on the ground of a WWII bombing range. After mastering the controls with the top open, the hatch is closed and you will learn to drive the tank under battle conditions with a view through the periscope only. This is when things get a little bumpy!! After learning the controls, you practice charging, loading, aiming and firing the 40mm cannons atop the tanks at the static targets. Once you have your eye for the target fixed, it’s time to pick a battle with another tank and take your chances in battle conditions. The aim is to get to a shooting position before your opposition and pound them as they come into sight. Best of 10 wins the glory of the Tank Paintball Battle. The instructors have their own league running so you can be sure that they will be in the battle to win every time.

From the tank, it’s bragging rights for the winners and onto the museum to view the other tanks and military vehicles including a Sherman tank and a working field telephone to pick up and try out or onto one of our other activities.

So, banish the blues of the January birthday boy or girl in your circle and buy them a chance to drive a tank- they will love it!

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