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When The Nandos Team came to play

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Posted: 14/05/2015 00:00
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Not just all about the PERi PERi, the Nandos team came, teeth gritted and ready to battle it out at Armourgeddon for an afternoon of corporate team building. This week we followed them on their Tank Paintball Battle to find out what they thought of their day out.

Not just all about the PERi PERi, the Nandos team came, teeth gritted and ready to battle it out at Armourgeddon for an afternoon of corporate team building. This week we followed them on their Tank Paintball Battle to find out what they thought of their day out.

When it comes to choosing a company to work for, we all want one that’s values are in line with our own, that pays properly for a hard day’s work and one that treats it’s employees well.

OK, so we aren’t all going to earn Lionel Messi’s £1m a week. We aren’t all going to get to run around dressed as post apocalyptic models such as those in last week’s blog (yup, we are still talking about them…) and I don’t know many people who are happy with how much they get paid (although it’s very British not to whine about it either!!) But more and more we are finding companies getting in touch wanting to organise fun events for their employees.

We all love a big THANK YOU. It can be as simple as a special card sent from a friend or a massive box of chocolates, a brilliant Father’s Day gift (yes, that is only 5 weeks away… you know where we are…) or a pint at the pub. Whatever it is, a THANK YOU goes a mighty long way.

Corporate away days are a large part of what we do here at Armourgeddon. Those companies that choose us for a reward or recognition day to shout THANK YOU to their teams always book for the following year and there are many of our corporate customers for whom we are their staff’s main aim for the year- to get to Armourgeddon. Our guests here on site last Friday were new-comers to Armourgeddon, but we could see straight away how well this company treated its employees. Well, who wouldn’t want a jaunt around a muddy field in a WWII tank instead of a day in the office?!

Having won various awards for their staff management, Nandos state that; ‘the flame-grilled goodness may be loved across the country, but it doesn’t make us who we are. Our people do.’ Putting people at the core of all that they are about. Called Nandocas, the team at Nandos are taught all aspects of the restaurant business. Head office invest £millions in fun extravaganzas for their people every year all adding up to Nandos seemingly being a great place to work! Not to mention what we all think about their food (cue tummies rumbling and taste buds awakening!)

8 of their area managers from the Central Region ranging from North Lincolnshire to Essex came for a day out at Armourgeddon last Friday. After the wind and rain of the early part of the week, the track was good and sloppy- perfect to skid an FV432, set us up perfectly for a fun Friday afternoon. Having been given a day out at Armourgeddon for a Tank Paintball Battle in recognition of their hard work and for an afternoon of team building, the Nandocas arrived in high spirits ready to take to the track at Southfields Farm.

The team were booked onto an extended Tank Paintball Battle for the afternoon, which, of course, started in the usual way with each of the team members learning to drive an FV432 around the track, firstly with their heads popping out of the turret and then in battle conditions with the hatch closed and vision just through the periscope. Once everyone had got the hang of driving as well as learnt the difference between left and right with a 15 tonnes tank under their control (not as easy as that may sound…), it was off to the static targets to learn to charge, load, aim and fire giant paintballs out of the cannons fixed to the top of our tank platoon.
As always, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for and this group was no different! Ebony was a total daemon with the cannon and although less quiet, it was Stephen ‘Grosjean’ Geech who was the champion of the track with superb driving skills from the off.

From there, the teams headed back to the museum to decide upon a battle plan. With 3 job roles for Tank Paintball Battle, one of the team is given the job of driver whilst the second charges and loads the cannon and the third has the blue riband job of aiming and firing the paintballs.

After the extended battles, it was the bosses tank which was crowned champion of the day- although there was a slight twist in that story as they had sneaked Armourgeddon boss, Stuart into their team for the battles.

When asked for feedback on how their day had gone, the organiser responded saying: “We took 8 of our senior managers to Armourgeddon for an afternoon with a difference, and we loved it! The tanks are fascinating and completely authentic and firing paintballs at each other was such a giggle – spirits were high despite the rain. We were well briefed and looked after by the team on site, and although there’s not much space inside those tanks, they were careful to make sure safety was paramount. Teambuilding at it’s very best!”

Thank you, Nandos, we loved having you here!

To book your corporate team building event, or to talk about the options, please call Tracy or Craig on 01858 880239.

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