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Corporate Activity Day: Military Madness

Corporate Activity Day: Military Madness

Corporate Package: Military Madness

  • Activity length: approx. 5 hours
  • Activity Includes: Tank Paintball Battle and Military Vehicle Driving
  • Group Size: 3 - 24
Our Corporate Military Madness day gives your team a double helping of vehicle driving; a Tank Paintball Battle and a Military Vehicle Driving session. Access to our Military Museum is also included. This action packed activity day will last around 6 hours and can be run for groups from 3 to 24 people.

Activity One: Tank Paintball Battle

This activity, in a nutshell, has you split into teams of 3. Each person learns to manoeuvre the tank around the track, charge and load the cannon, aim and fire the paintballs.

After a team discussion, you will head into battle against another tank. Don’t worry if your numbers are not divisible by 3, we have plenty of ways to make any number from 3-24 work for this activity.

Read on for a full description of Tank Paintball Battles.

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Our world-renowned, unique, Tank Paintball Battle experience gives you the chance to learn to control an FV432 tank around our ex-World War II bombing ground, which we have turned into two tank tracks. We will split your group into 3-man crews each with its own dedicated Instructor. After you have mastered the controls and have become used to heading full pelt into a dip, bouncing your crew around in their turret seats, and keeping the acceleration to come back up the other side, it’s time to drive in battle conditions.

With the lid closed, your only viewpoint is through the telescope above your head. Looking through a screen just 10cm wide and 5cm tall gives a very different perspective on the world! Judging distance over the rugged terrain of our track takes a bit of practice, but our FV432s have seen much worse and will keep you upright. These machines are quite remarkable when it comes to a centre of gravity that keeps you the right way up!

After each member of your crew has driven and become accustomed to the controls of your tank, it’s off for some shooting practice. Parked up opposite our static targets of a disused tank and a huge bull’s-eye target, your instructor will explain how to manoeuvre the cannon into position, to charge and load and then to fire the giant paintballs. What is easy for some is impossible for others. What will be your strength? Will you be a driver? Will you be the quick-handed charge and loader with precision and attention to detail? Or will you have an eye for the target and be the sharpest shot on the track?

Next it’s time for your battle. Heading to the far side of the track, each tank will take up their starting position. From there, it’s a race to position one, at which point your fire crew will aim, load and fire their first cannon at the enemy tank. With one point for each direct hit, although speed is important, precision and timing are of equal focus. A second paintball is shot at the same position before they shout through the tank to ‘GO GO GO!’ and it’s on to position two. Getting into position first provides an advantage, as you are able to shoot at the enemy tank as they arrive at the checkpoint and start to ready themselves for their shots. If you can shoot and be gone before they are ready, their chances of a direct hit on you are significantly reduced.

With 6 checkpoints in the battle, 12 shots will be fired at your enemy tank in total. With the winning crew being the one with the highest number of direct hits, bragging rights back at HQ for those with the best record will only be outlived by the smiles etched on your faces. The instructors, however, are very much focused on their season score so will certainly be very supportive and excited by direct hits!! The instructor league is a heavily guarded secret until the end of the season, but you might be able to tease some information out of your tank instructor…

Activity Two: Military Vehicle Driving

The ultimate thrill and a taste of what it may have been like to drive the military vehicles of a number of different national armies. You will be able to drive and be a passenger in two vehicles. These vehicles will be chosen by the team at Armourgeddon to fit your schedule. The vehicles from which your selection will be chosen are:

4 x 4 Bedford MJ Truck

The Bedford Track is the backbone of the British Army. The Bedford truck series served as the basis for a variety of derivatives including fire engines, tippers, flatbed trucks and of course as the powerhouse of military personnel transportation. Ever wanted to know how it feels to drive a truck? Here’s your chance!

BV 206 Hagglund

The vehicle that can literally go anywhere! Used by Her Majesty’s Special Forces, the Hagglund is quite a remarkable ride and really comes into its own on our tracks here at Armourgeddon.

Russian BRDM2

Off to the Eastern battle front. This beast was used to detect chemical weapons by the Russian military. An amphibious armoured patrol car carried a crew of 4: the commander, the gunner, the driver and the co-gunner. Become that driver for a tour around our track.


The stalwart of our fleet here at Armourgeddon, the FV432 is an armoured personnel carrier mounted with a 40mm air cannon. Most commonly used in the transportation of infantry in the battlefield, the FV432 gives you a real taste of tracked vehicle manoeuvrings.

Additional Activity information

These activities are both tank or vehicle based activities. The only requirement is to be able to get to the vehicles and to move around inside the vehicles when required. This activity would suit any group and does not involve any paintballs being shot at each other, only at tanks and requires minimal walking around the site.

To Complete your Day

Costs exclude lunch but we can offer catering options through our outside catering partners. Teas and coffees are included in the cost for all weekday bookings.

Photography of your group during your activities and for team mementoes can be arranged to suit your requirements when ordered at booking confirmation.

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