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Film/TV Location Hire

Armourgeddon specialises in film and TV hire as well as static displays. We supply everything from a static display for a photo shoot to the transportation of a vehicle to film set along with a driver for long-term hire. We have even supplied vehicles for ground testing. The long list of vehicles in our collection is all available for hire!

Previous clients include:

  • Top Gear
  • The Gadget Show
  • National Geographic
  • 3D Motors TV
  • The Travel Channel

FURY starring Brad Pitt: Our Sherman Tank Stars as Part of the Troop

The film is set during the last months of World War II in April 1945 as the Allies rally for their final push into Europe. ‘Wardaddy’, played by Brad Pitt is a battle-hardened sergeant in the 2nd Armoured Division and is the commander of a Sherman Tank.

Our Sherman played the starring role and was driven by Stuart from Armourgeddon Restorations. Our Sherman tank can be seen in many of the battle-rich clips following Fury into active duty.

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If you are looking to buy a tank or military vehicle, hire one for an event or for film, are looking for a backdrop for a film or TV project or need access to tanks for any other reason, in the first instance, please contact us

Here at Armourgeddon, we house one of the UK’s largest collections of military vehicles and memorabilia. With over 100 military vehicles ranging from pre-WW2 all the way to modern times, we have been able to cater for an extensive list of clients. We have worked with many big names such as Top Gear, Brad Pitt in ‘Fury’, David Hasselhoff, The Gadget Show and many more.

Ideal for television & motion pictures, we offer:

  • Instructor and staff hire
  • Vehicle hire – static or moving
  • A number of our staff are in-fact current and ex-forces personnel.

Vehicles include:

  • White M16 Halftrack (1941) As seen in the film “Evita” starring Madonna
  • GMC Canvas backed Troop carrier (1941) As seen in “Saving Private Ryan” and “Band Of Brothers”
  • Willey’s MB Lightweight Jeep (1944)
  • Lance Tactical Missile Carrier and Launcher (British Army Cold War era)
  • Bedford MJ/MK (Current British Army Personnel and Supplies transport)
  • BV206 Hagglund (Current British All Terrain Amphibious personnel carrier used by Special Forces
  • FV432 With and Without Rarden Turrets & Cannons (British army APC. 13 also saw action in a cold war defence role in Berlin as well as Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Russian BRDM (Armoured reconnaissance vehicle, widely used in recent Russia / Georgia conflict.

Other props include:

  • FH70 Howitzer field artillery cannon (British Army)
  • 1000lb Tornado exterior fuel Drop tank
  • Our vehicles span from the Second World War to the present, and our list is forever growing so if you don’t see a vehicle you require… please call us!

Some of our past clients:

  • Top Gear
  • The Gadget Show
  • Put Your Money Were Your Mouth Is
  • Discovery Channel
  • Channel 4
  • CBBC
  • SC4 TV
  • The Daily Mail
  • Virgin
  • ABC & Fox News (USA)
  • FUJI TV (Japan)


…the list is never-ending!

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