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Film & TV Hire

Film & TV Hire

Ideal for television & motion pictures, we offer:

  • Instructor and staff hire
  • Vehicle hire - static or moving
  • A number of our staff are in-fact current and ex-forces personnel.

Vehicles include:

  • White M16 Halftrack (1941) As seen in the film “Evita” starring Madonna
  • GMC Canvas backed Troop carrier (1941) As seen in “Saving Private Ryan” and “Band Of Brothers”
  • Willey's MB Lightweight Jeep (1944)
  • Lance Tactical Missile Carrier and Launcher (British Army Cold War era)
  • Bedford MJ/MK (Current British Army Personnel and Supplies transport)
  • BV206 Hagglund (Current British All Terrain Amphibious personnel carrier used by Special Forces
  • FV432 With and Without Rarden Turrets & Cannons (British army APC. 13 also saw action in a cold war defence role in Berlin as well as Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Russian BRDM (Armoured reconnaissance vehicle, widely used in recent Russia / Georgia conflict.

Other props include:

  • FH70 Howitzer field artillery cannon (British Army)
  • 1000lb Tornado exterior fuel Drop tank
  • Our vehicles span from the Second World War to present, and our list is forever growing so if you don’t see a vehicle you require... please call us!

Some of our past clients:

  • Top Gear
  • The Gadget Show
  • Put Your Money Were Your Mouth Is
  • Discovery Channel
  • Channel 4
  • CBBC
  • SC4 TV
  • The Daily Mail
  • Virgin
  • ABC & Fox News (USA)
  • FUJI TV (Japan)
...the list is never ending!
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